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History of Casino Games

Mixed with legend, myth, and facts, the history of casino games in a long and interesting endeavor. It includes cultures and civilizations from around the globe and covers ancient Egypt, medieval Italy, and online casino gambling enjoyed today. 

Gambling is more than just a game. A land dispute between Sweden and Norway was once solved by gambling. Earlier, gambling games were established to bring profit to China’s army. British gambling established lotteries to bail out newly formed British colonies. Even today, lotteries are used to fund things such as educational programs.

Dice Games

Dice started out in the ancient game of bone rolling. It is possibly the oldest form of gambling around as dice predates cards by several hundred years. Bone rolling began as a fortune teller’s game in ancient Egypt and slowly evolved into a game of chance. Original dice were made of bone or animal teeth. Dice in its modern form developed in Korea. Dice have also been used in the game of Promotion, a Buddhist game. Modern games such as craps use dice today. 

Casino Gambling

Casino gambling took off in Europe. The word “casino” comes from the Italian language. In the 19th century, the term casino came to mean any public building in which gambling took place. In the early 1800s, most casinos were on riverboats. Cities were not to be left out of the action, setting up casinos on land. Most of these were centered in cities like New York and Chicago. Players patronizing these casinos were generally upper class. They could bet big and lose big. 

In the 20th century, Los Vegas and Atlantic city became major casino gambling centers. There are also many casinos on Indian reservations throughout the United States. 

Card Games

Early gamblers also enjoyed cards. The first cards date to the 11th century, invented by the Chinese. The French are credited with the modern deck of cards with its recognizable suits: hearts, diamonds, spades, and clubs. Modern games such as Baccarat originated in the 15th century in Italy while blackjack was born in the 18th century in France. 

Slot Machines

In more modern times, the slot machine joined the array of gambling games in the 19th century. In 1887, Charles Fey invented the first slot machine. Today, slot machines take up around 70 percent of floor space in a casino. 

Internet Casinos

In the 1990s, the introduction of online casinos changed the way gamblers played. For the first time, people could play games of chance using real money from anywhere in the world as long as there was an internet connection. This brought gambling up to date with the times. 

Casino games have come a long way from the first bone dice to the internet. Now, everyone can enjoy casino games from their own homes at any time with the advent of online casinos. New internet casino games are invented all the time, giving the player a wide range of choices. 

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