Immortal Romance to be launched on Mobile Air says Microgaming


Microgaming has launched the gripping Immortal Romance Video Slot game on its Mobile Air client. The world’s leading provider of online gaming software made the announcement on November 21st following much anticipated buzz surrounding the game.

Microgaming will exploit hardware acceleration tools on mobile devices to increase performance and provide a superior gaming experience that includes much improved graphics and functionality.

This move will ultimately raise the bar in mobile gaming and will set Microgaming once more, head and shoulders above their closest rivals. Traditionally mobile games target the Central Processing Unit (CPU) on a mobile device whereas Immortal Romance will specifically utilise the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU). What that means for gamers is that Immortal Romance will be displayed in stunning HD quality including unseen playability and jaw-dropping animations that were previously only seen on much more powerful home computers and laptops.

Head of Product Channels at Microgaming, Neil Whyte, had this to say:

““We have shown over the last few months that Microgaming is committed to offering the strongest mobile gaming solutions in the market. With monthly new game roll-outs in both HTML5 and Mobile Air products, we have set a benchmark for innovation and technology in the industry. That’s why we currently have more than 60 brands around the world using our mobile content, which comprises of over 80 games on all platforms including HTML5, Mobile Air and Java, compatible with over 3,000 mobile and tablet devices.”

Released in December of last year, Immortal Romance has gained somewhat of a cult following. The vampire themed Slot encompasses a whole new world of fantasy that encapsulates the unique experience of gambling online.

Microgaming will roll out more and more mobile friendly games over the coming months, and if this Immortal Romance announcement is anything to go by, 2013 is going to be a very exciting time for every Microgaming mobile player.

You can try Immortal Romance Slot for free. Click Here.

by Camille Bellamy

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