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A mobile casino app can be one of two things. It can be a mobile casino that you can download or it can be an individual game that you can download, or play in your browser.  However, in terms of app stores, there aren’t many catering specifically to mobile casino players. Quite frankly I find this a little unfair. Well, that was until I came across a place called Cherry Rush, a mobile casino app store catering especially to those who, like myself, are feeling lucky! Cherry Rush is somewhat of anomaly in that I haven’t come across anything like it before. This website literally just offers mobile casino apps of all the popular games and casinos at which I’ve played in the past.

The Cherry Rush App Store

The Cherry Rush Casino App Store really offers something that departs from the conventional setup. The site offers simple navigation and easy-to-follow instructions that will have you playing the best mobile casino apps in no time. Cherry Rush specialises in mobile casino gaming and thus have gone and assembled individual games as well as whole mobile casinos under its roof.

Detailed Info and Reviews at Cherry Rush

Mobile casino app users will find a treasure trove of information on all their best casino games at Cherry Rush. The reviews are well-written and everything is reinforced by clear visuals to give new comers a clear idea of the app they are going to play or install. Important info like banking options and device compatibility are also dealt with. The creators of the Cherry Rush mobile casino app store have gone to great lengths to be as comprehensive as possible while never forgetting that it’s all about fun.

Cherry Rush’s Mobile Casino Apps

Cherry Rush offers a diverse portfolio of mobile casino apps that Canadian players are sure to enjoy. It’s a compilation that reads like the greatest hits in the world of online and mobile casinos. Imagine having a good number of the best digital casinos in the world under one roof? Well, imagine no more, because with Cherry Rush this is a reality. Not only can you download, install or play these casino apps in your browser, but each app has been meticulously reviewed and given a star rating. Some of the mobile casinos apps on offer at this exclusive store are:

There are more, but to find which ones those are its best you go and see for yourself. The fact that Cherry Rush is likely one of the few, if not the only, mobile casino app stores dealing exclusively with mobile casino games really puts it in a unique position and one that we’re more than happy to endorse.  Mobile casino apps have proven that portable casino gaming isn’t going anywhere but up. Statistically this form of gambling has surpassed what is now considered the old way of playing on the PC.

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