We’ve come up with a Guide to Online Gambling to make sure that all of our readers have access to the facts.  Whether you are new to the world of online gambling or are a seasoned player there’s always something new to learn, and we’re here to help you out!

See the list of contents below for the topic you’re interested in, or download a PDF version of the guide so that you can refer back to it easily when you need it. We hope you find it interesting and helpful!

rakemanOnline Gambling In Canada

  • Gambling Laws in Canada
    If you are wondering what the law in Canada says about gambling, check this page out! You’ll find out more about the law, about player and casino operator rules and what the different age limits are. You can rest assured that we’ll always make sure the casinos we recommend are legal, licensed and above board, but it’s good to be in the know!
  • Choosing a Casino
    Learn more about all the factors you should weigh up before choosing a casino that will really suit you, and find out how we rate the best casinos too.
  • Choosing a Game
    Find out what the most popular casino games in Canada are, what sort of entertainment is available and what types of games can be played online. This page is perfect for players who want to understand the different casino game options before they get started, or are looking for something new.href=”http://www.gamblinginsider.ca/which-are-the-best-online-casinos-for-canadians”>

Playing at an Online Casino: The Basics

  • Playing for Fun
    If you’re not too sure what the benefits are of playing for free, or don’t understand how the free play games work, this page explains it all!
  • Online Banking
    Get to grips with the different types of payment options available at Canadian online casinos, and how they work!
  • Taxes on winnings
    Find out more about the taxes that apply to winnings, and what Canadian players are liable for.
  • Bonuses
    An integral part of every online gaming experience, we explain what the different types of casino bonuses entail, and how you can use them to your advantage. Understanding how casino bonuses work will help you get the most out of every second spent playing online!

Odds and House Edge

  • Understanding the odds
    If you know what odds are, you’ll be able to work out what sort of winning chances you have. Check out this page to make sure you know more about the most rewarding games online.
  • Odd vocabulary
    Know your terminology and speak the lingo like a pro!
  • What is the house edge
    An important factor explained in easy terms- knowing what the house edge is essential!
  • Crucial points to note about the house edge
    All the tips you need to ensure you stand the best chances of winning.
  • So, what’s my best bet?
    Find out which bets work out the best in a variety of different casino games. This is sure to improve your chances of winning big!
  • Gambler’s fallacy
    Understanding the Gamblers Fallacy can help you refine your strategy and stop you making common mistakes!

High roller tips and advice

  • Knowing when to play… And When not to play
    Smart players know when to quit! Make sure you play responsibly and are always in control with our sage advice.
  • Dont get caught out
    We’re here to make sure you always play at the best casinos online in Canada! Use this information wisely and make sure that unscrupulous casinos and dodgy deals don’t catch you out!