Slot Strategy

If you want to win big playing online slots, then you need to know a bit more about the strategies that really work. Although slots are games of chance and don’t require any skill, there are several ways in which you can increase your winning potential with every spin.

Lets take a look at the top slots strategy tips that will give you the edge.

Place Max Bets

There are a number of reasons that placing max bets are a good strategy when it comes to playing slots, including:

  1. More paylines available
    The more money you bet, the more paylines you will activate, thus increasing the chance that you win. There are more winning lines for symbols to land on, so your chances are increased.
  2. Your wins will be bigger
    Playing the maximum bet in slots games allows you to hit the big wins. The biggest amounts of prize money are usually dependent on your wagering the maximum amount.

Alternate Between Various Paylines

Single-payline slots machines will offer you payouts for matching icons and a jackpot, usually, but multi-paylines games allow you more chances to win. This is because those that have more paylines will generally have more reels, and this means that there are more symbols available, and more chances to line them up.  The bonus rounds that multi-payline games provide will usually let you spin the reels for free, as well. Mixing up the paylines in the game you play keeps you interested, and makes for more winning.

Start with Small Coin Sizes and Move to Bigger Ones

It is always recommended that you start betting with smaller coin denominations until you get a feel for the game, so as not to lose too much of your budget on your bets. When you know that a game has what you want available, you can increase the size of your bets and take advantage of the experience you have managed to gain with a particular title.

Playing According to Positive/Negative Progression Systems

There are 2 types of betting strategies you can use in slots:

  1. Positive Progression Strategies
    Here, you will increase the amount of your bet when you win, and lower it again when you lose.
  1. Negative Progression Strategies
    These have the opposite principle: when you win you will decrease your bets, and, whenever you hit a winning combination, your stake gets increased.

Look for Machines with High a RTP

An RTP rate is the return to player rate, or the amount of the money wagered that will be returned by a game to those who play it, over time.  It is always recommended that you check the RTP percentage before you start playing a slots game, and aim to limit your play to those exceeding 95%.

Look for Special Features like Wilds, Scatters, and Multipliers

The more special features or symbols in a slots game, the greater the chances of winning, or increasing the size of your wins. Look out for the following symbols and features so that you can boost your payout potential dramatically

  1. Wild Symbols
    Wilds appear in both classic and video slot games, and are icons that can stand in for any other during play to complete a winning combo. In many games, the Wild Symbol will also behave as a multiplier.
  1. Scatter Symbols
    Scatter icons appear only in video slot machine games, and do not need to appear on an enabled payline in order to accrue a win for you. They can be scattered anywhere on the game’s reels and still boost your bankroll.
  1. Multipliers
    Multipliers are icons that, when they make up part of a winning combination, will multiply your total take by a certain amount, 2x, 3x, or more.

Slots strategy is simple to apply, and when you use these tips you’ll enjoy striking it rich, more often!