High Limit Slots

highlimitslotsA lot of online Slots players are content with wagering small amounts of money and playing mostly for the entertainment factor, with any small winnings acting as an added excitement. Every person, however, dreams that one day luck will strike and they’ll end up winning a huge Jackpot. However, the big bucks usually only pay out for those who have the finances to place huge wagers.

Players who make such large bets are known as High Rollers and they enjoy gambling with large amounts of money on High Limit Slots to boost their chances of winning an enormous reward.

Currently, online Casinos are a little way behind land based Casinos when it comes to enticing High Limit Slots players. Where land based Casinos shower their High Rollers in comps, online Casinos seem much more inclined to reward players with deposit Bonuses rather than actual tangible gifts.

High Limit Land Based Slots

High Limit Slots players aren’t just your average gambler; these prolific Casino fans have such a large bankroll that they can afford to wager, and lose, large sums of money in one go, because when the rewards eventually roll in they will be worth the wait.

In terms of land based Casino gambling, High Rollers tend to frequent such spots as Macau, Singapore and Las Vegas where they will be treated like royalty. It’s not unheard of that these big spenders will receive such incentives as helicopter transport, free hotel suites and a whole range of extravagant gifts when they visit some of their favourite Casinos.

Many of the comps experience by High Limit Slots players are not dependent on how much money you win, rather on how much you play. This means that even on a losing streak you’ll still be treated to a luxury experience. However, the main incentive for the High Rollers is that risking a lot of money at a Casino is the only real way to win a lot of money; and, so long as you have the bankroll to bet high, it’s almost a failsafe way to win some huge cash prizes.

Best High Limit Slots for High Rollers

Playing High Limit Slots in the online Casino world is slightly different, however, but High Rollers still spend a lot of their time playing these thrilling online games. At many online Slots you only qualify for the biggest jackpots if you are wagering the maximum amount, so you need a big bankroll to ensure a big payout.

Here are some of the best online High Limit Slots, as chosen by our readers here at GamblingInsider.ca:

1.       Break da Bank Again

One of the most popular High Limit Slots for High Rollers is Break da Bank Again. As its name suggests, this exciting Slot has a huge amount of money stashed inside and its calling out to be taken.

High Rollers playing at this Slot will be able to match the maximum bet of 90 coins per spin, which means that they’ll be in with a chance of winning the massive 93,750 coin Jackpot.

As far as High Limit Slots go, Break da Bank Again is one of the best. As well as its big Jackpot, it also features Multipliers, Wilds, Scatters and a Free Spin Bonus game, all of which massively increase your chance of winning some serious cash.

2.       Cashapillar

This cute-looking High Limit Slot has some serious rewards available for lucky players, but you’ll need to be able to maximise your chances with all 100 paylines in order to be in with a chance of winning the big money. The maximum payout is a stupidly big 2 million coins in the base game, boosted up to 6 million in the Free Spin feature.

Cashapillar is frequently voted as the top High Limit Slot of all time.

3.       Burning Desire

Burning Desire High Limit Slot offers some of the most frequent payouts if you’ve got the bankroll to bet big. That’s because instead of paylines, this Slot has 243 Ways to Win, with combos forming along any adjacent symbols.

You’ll be able to wager up to 250 coins per spin, making the maximum reward a massive 90,000 coins. It’s no surprise that Burning Desire is such a popular choice among High Limit Slot fans.