The Best Bitcoin Casinos In Canada

Whatever the personal perceptions of cryptocurrency, the trend seems to be gaining ground across Canada. This means that there are now a number of Bitcoin casinos available, all of which accept a this and other popular cryptocurrencies. Players interested in using cryptocurrency to play for real money simply need to register, make a BTC deposit and start gambling.

But to some players, crypto casinos may seem a little daunting. After all, is alternative currency transacted in the same way as normal money? Do the same rules apply? How does it all work?

Don’t panic, gambling at Bitcoin casinos is easy. Though there are a few important things that should be taken into account before getting started. Let’s take a closer look.

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How To Choose A Crypto Site

A logical place to get started is choosing a casino that accepts cryptocurrency. Not every casino does, and while Bitcoin is the main option, there are others that only accept Ethereum or other crypto types.

Another important factor to take into account is bonuses and promotions. Some operations offer special deals for crypto users, which is a benefit that speaks for itself. But it should be checked that promotions apply to the chosen cryptocurrency, and that the deal is worth the time.

A background check should also be run on any online casino. The reputation of a casino is paramount, and some time should be spent reading a few recent reviews.

Lastly, payout and withdrawal time frames will always play a big part. These should be checked, and the terms and conditions perused.

Getting Started At Bitcoin Casinos In Canada

Getting started is quick and easy, requiring just a few moments of time. An exchange must first be located to buy the coins, which goes without saying. A digital wallet must also be opened, which is where the cash will be stored. It is from this wallet that all gambling transactions will be made.

Then crypto casinos must be browsed, and a choice made, taking into account the points mentioned above. It’s as easy as that.

Gamble With Bitcoin Safely

Gambling online always comes with an element of concern. Scams, illegal operations, and questionable operators, although rare, are still out there. That is why smart Canadian gamblers will always head into an online casino with both eyes open.

Thankfully just a few precautionary measures should make the experience drastically less risky. First, as already pointed out, doing background checks on online casinos is essential. Reputation counts for a lot when it comes to gambling.

When the registration process is being handled, it is important that strong, reliable passwords are used. Remember; it isn’t wise to use the same password for multiple accounts.

All in all, most security risks can be avoided simply by sticking to Bitcoin Casinos that are well known, and reputable.

Popular Cryptocurrencies For Gambling

Now that the basics are out of the way, let’s look at the coins themselves. There are a number to choose from and making the right decision can count for a lot. A smart Canadian gambler will do a bit of research, check each out carefully, and choose based on preference. Here or some of the most popular used at crypto casinos right now.

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
  • Litecoin (LTC)

Best Crypto Wallets For Canadians

Digital cash won’t go very far without an online wallet, so an essential part of playing at the Bitcoin casinos Canada offers is choosing a wallet based on individual needs. It should be kept in mind that each wallet will come with pros and cons of its own, so time should be spent looking into each.

The most popular options right now are as follows:

  • Coinbase
  • Electrum
  • Mycelium
  • Exodus

Advantages Of Bitcoin Casinos

Cryptocurrency is certainly a big buzzword right now, and many prominent celebrities seem to be getting involved. But what are the advantages of transacting via alternative digital money?

The biggest and most prominent is that Bitcoin is decentralized. This means that, at the point of transactions being made from a wallet to a site, a bank is not involved. It also means that personal details are hidden from the casino being transacted with, allowing for a level of anonymity. With that being said, transparency is also a big part of the system. Transactions are visible, and proof of payment available, even if personal information is kept hidden.

Crypto is also accepted worldwide, meaning that it is not necessary to factor in conversion rates. Plus, transaction fees are lower, as far as interactions between wallets and casinos are concerned.

Disadvantages Of Bitcoin Gambling

There are some positives, but also a few negatives. The most prominent con is that customer support for cryptocurrency trading isn’t always very strong. The system is also not regulated particularly well, given that it is still a very niche way to transact.

Another big drawback is that no chargeback or reversal options exist at crypto casinos. This means that every payment is final, without there even being the chance of a reversal.

The biggest drawback by far is the inherent volatility in alternative currencies. The value of a Bitcoin, or Litecoin, may be very different in a few days to what it is right now.

Are crypto casinos safe?

Bitcoin Casinos are safe, assuming that they are licensed. It is up to the individual where they choose to gamble.

Can I play all casino games with Bitcoin?

This depends on the Bitcoin casinos Canada being visited. In some cases, yes, in other cases the option will be limited to certain games.

Is playing with Bitcoin better than playing with cash?

There are many advantages and disadvantages to gambling with alternative currencies. It is up to the individual.

Are Bitcoin casinos legal?

Absolutely, they fall within Canadian law.

How do I make a deposit with Bitcoin?

The same as with traditional money. After the option to make a deposit is selected, the preferred crypto must be chose. The transaction will be complete in the usual way.

Is Bitcoin mining legal in Canada?


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