Get the Most from Online Casino Bonus Codes

At the land-based casinos in Canada, and around the rest of the world for that matter, it’s easy to wine and dine players and provide real pampering such as free spa treatments, great live entertainment and other comps. These are fabulous for you, and for proprietors they mean that you won’t be tempted to try other offline venues. Online casinos can’t quite do this, but the best gaming sites in Canada make up for this with the incredible bonuses they offer.

These translate into funds in your online casino account, which allow you to play longer and place bigger bets, so that you ultimately win more money and have more fun. We showcase all the best online casinos in Canada, with the best online casino bonuses, for you right here so you can find the ones that are most suited to you. While all of the promotions are beneficial and you can trust that they are above-board, different online casino bonuses suit different playing styles.

As you spend more time at the great online playing destinations that we recommend, you’ll find that some casinos transfer bonus funds directly into your playing account while others provide you with bonus codes that you need to enter on the site to claim your rewards. Many online casinos in Canada actually use both methods, and the bankroll-enhancing benefits are the same.

Using and Redeeming Bonus Codes

When your online casino bonuses are awarded in this way, you’ll usually be sent the specific bonus codes that you need to use as a message, to your mobile phone or your email address.

To redeem these codes and claim your bonus, all you need to do is log onto the casino that sent you the codes, access your accounts and follow the easy prompts.

There are several types of online casino bonuses that are available for the players in Canada, and they are usually all part of the promotions that use bonus codes and the deals that deposit funds directly into your account.

Types of Online Casino Bonuses 

Most of the bonuses that you’ll find at online casinos in Canada come in one of three forms; No Deposit, Match and Percentage Bonuses. Their names are pretty self-explanatory, meaning that for No Deposit Bonuses you don’t need to make any deposit of your own before you can claim your reward. For Match and Percentage Bonuses, on the other hand, a deposit will activate them and the amount you put in will be completely matched or equalled up to a certain point respectively.

Since No Deposit Bonuses are the most lucrative and attractive, they’re usually reserved for new members when they’re signing on, as part of their Welcome package. These are generally very generous, especially at the top-quality online casinos that we review, and they most definitely should be! Do not, however, allow yourself to be so dazzled that you forget to check the rewards that come after this. The later online casino bonuses that a playing destination offers need to be suited to your style and needs so that you can take maximum advantage of them.

If, for example, you often play at certain times of day, look for a casino with handsome Happy Hour Bonuses. In the same way Referral and Reload Bonuses, given when you recruit a new member or make new deposits into your playing account, may be the most beneficial to you. Promotions can be offered for anything else that creative proprietors can think of, and are often linked to specific games as well.

Invest some real time in finding the online casino bonuses that reward you most, and reap the benefits of greater payout potentials. It’s also important to choose the online casinos in Canada that offer the casino games you are most interested in playing. The more you play, the higher you will climb in the Loyalty Programmes that most of them offer, and if you find the games you enjoy you’re more likely to play often.

Get the Best Rewards Online

We do want to offer our players a few words of caution. Since these online casino bonuses are ultimately a way to keep you playing and spending money, there are always going to be a few strings attached, and you always need to be aware of all of these.

Read through the terms and conditions very carefully, and make sure they work for you. Most online casinos, for instance, carry play through requirements that mean you need to bet the bonus total a pre-set number of times before you’re allowed to cash it out.

If you know to stay alert, however, the online casino bonuses you can claim directly, or with codes will help make your playing experiences truly fantastic. Check out what is available at our recommended casinos today!