With an eWallet, physical prepaid eCard and iOS App, Ecocard takes online banking flexibility to a new level. Particularly popular with gamers in Europe and Canada, Ecocard is one of the preferred methods of online banking amongst casino gamers. Being simple to use, secure and offering fast payment processing, Ecocard is perfect for players looking for an eWallet which is flexible and safe.

What are the advantages for me?

Ecocard is accepted at millions of Mastercard approved merchants and is one of the most popular forms of payment for Canadian online casino gamers. It is absolutely FREE to pay approved Ecocard merchants meaning you’ll never have to worry about fees and costs. All transactions are encrypted with SSL encryption technology and multiple currencies are available. Real time transactions allow you to track payments as they happen giving you more control over your finances.

Our verdict

If you’re an online gamer serious about depositing medium to large sums then Ecocard is for you. Safe, secure and accepted almost everywhere (with no transaction fees) Ecocard is the perfect option for easy, fast transactions on the web.