Multi-Hand Atlantic City Blackjack

Before I get going on this one, I want to express my thanks to our faithful readers and to those who have recently stumbled upon our humble online abode. The years have been at times interesting and at times kind to the online casino industry. I’ve often spoken about the confines of this industry and when I speak about confines I’m referring to the extent of leeway that applies to the industry. This is an industry that’s built around casino games and casino games must follow a set template or formula.

It’s also a regulated industry - a good thing - and something that makes sure that you and I are safe when we play and that if we do have a problem, that there’s a higher authority that we can approach. In saying that the years have been kind I refer to the flowering process this industry has experienced despite constant barriers to cross, markets to leave and new ones to explore. When I speak of interesting, I refer to how all involved have managed to keep this industry alive with fresh ideas and concepts despite the parameters in which the creativity has to thrive.

Multi-Hand Atlantic City Blackjack is one of those prime examples of a game that works in the confines, yet introduces new concepts and new ways for Canadian players to enjoy something that’s been around for years. Produced by Microgaming and provided as part of their Gold Series of card and table games, a collection of incredible exclusivity, this game ups the ante and gives one something more. I would recommend this game to any player who feels he or she is on the level and anyone who has ever sat at a table of blackjack and thought ‘I want to be able to control each hand at this table’.

Playing Multi-Hand Blackjack

As in suggested by the name, this online casino game allows players to bet more hands that once. In fact, up to 5 hands are all yours if you want to. Yes, it does mean higher amounts of cash will be wagered, but when you’re playing for better returns, you have to invest more. Before your eyes you’ve got your vintage Microgaming online blackjack table setup. All the usual refineries are at your disposal – sound/ambiance adjustments etc. The basic Microgaming rules are at play as usual but the big difference, outside of the fact that you play up to 5 hands at once, is the fact that this game works off a total of 8 decks of 52 cards which get reshuffled after each round is completed.

This version of online blackjack also comes with Late Surrender, an exit strategy of sorts that allows you to lose less if things are going that way. After the cards are dealt, the dealer will check if is he’s heading for a blackjack and if so is the case, you will be allowed to surrender only half your wager in exchange for not playing out your whole hand. It’s an interesting gimmick which can work for and against you - you are gambling after all. I mean, let’s face it, just because it looks like you’re going to lose doesn’t mean that you will. And that’s Multi-Hand Blackjack for you. Give it a shot at one of our recommended online casinos. You might like it!