How To Choose A Casino Game

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What Types of Games do Canadians Enjoy?

Statistically, in Canada gaming and gambling are very popular activities. Not only do Canadians enjoy playing at the best Canadian online Casinos and Bingo websites, but they also frequently buy lottery tickets and place bets on sports games and horseraces. The graph below looks at data from a study on Internet Gaming in Canada by the Canadian Gaming Association and shows the percentage of the population who participate in different gambling activities.

Participation Graph

A study by the Canadian Gaming Association shows that the main motivation for gambling is enjoyment, whilst only a quarter gamble in order to win money.

The majority of Canadians gamble responsibly, either taking advantage of free games or Bonus offers, or by carefully managing their budget. Over 75% will always set a limit on how much they are willing to spend at a Casino, and will stop gambling after that money has been spent.

It is important to remember that gambling should first and foremost be an enjoyable activity, whether playing for money or not. With this in mind it is much easier to appreciate the entertainment value of an online casino and consider any winnings an exciting extra. Section 2 of the Guide goes into more detail about the benefits of playing for fun at an online casino.  


Top TipMore than 3 in 4 Canadians have bought a Lottery ticket at some point in their lives.






There are various types of Casino Games: