Playtech Baccarat

Playtech’s Baccarat takes a classic Casino game and recreates it as the perfect online remedy for those dull afternoon blues. The design is simple, the rules are straightforward and the graphics are sharp and snappy; and, with Playtech’s varied betting options you’ll certainly find your kicks playing this exciting online game. The first thing I noticed when playing this game was the smart design. Some online Casino games have a tendency to over-complicate the design, resulting in a garish look with a tacky finish; this is not the case with Playtech’s Baccarat, however. It’s simple, it uses classic Casino colouring and the red velvet chairs add a touch of class to the affair.  Additionally, there’s an air of realism about Playtech’s version and it remains very true to the original version of the classic casino game, only re-mastered for the digital age. The game also plays out quickly and allows you to squeeze in more hands than if you were playing at a land based casino, increasing your chances of winning big!

Getting Started with Baccarat

Even if you don’t know the rules, you’ll soon get the hang of the game once you start clicking around as it is very simple. In Baccarat there are only 3 possible outcomes on which you can wager, and you’ll need to decide whether you are betting on the banker or player having the winning hand, or the game being a tie. After you’ve placed your bet, the cards are dealt face up, allowing for fast-paced gameplay, as opposed to real-life Casino Baccarat which slowly reveals cards to build up the suspense. Although Playtech’s Baccarat may be unauthentic in this way, when you’re playing online it’s often better to keep the pace moving to prevent a game from becoming tiresome. One of the benefits of playing Playtech Baccarat as opposed to another version of the game is that the payouts are better, paying out 9 for 1 on the Tie Bet, whereas most providers will opt for an 8 for 1 Tie Bet. This means that the House Edge is much smaller in Playtech’s Baccarat, so players are more likely to win.  As a rule, I’ve always been advised that betting on the banker is the best bet, but if you want to opt for a safe option, go for a tie, especially when you can benefit from Playtech’s smaller house edge.

Betting on Online Baccarat

Playtech also offers more betting options than any other Baccarat software developer, which means that newbies and players on a budget can wager as little as $0.01 to get the thrills without the risk; Baccarat pros and high rollers may wish to establish their own betting strategy with the opportunity to bet any amount up to $100. The best thing about Playtech’s Baccarat is its versatility; I like that you can sit and play intensely without getting bored, but you can also just play it as a background game whilst focusing on something else. This is a game suited for all types of online gamer and it’s sure to thrill both new and experienced players.