Baccarat Gold

Another addition to the Microgaming Gold Series comes in the form of Baccarat Gold. If you’ve played any of the games from the Microgaming Gold Series, you will already be familiar with the stunning HD graphics and crystal clear sound effects that come with every game. How Baccarat Gold differs from all the other games is that is has new features that online Baccarat has never seen before. These special features make playing online more exciting, and with added enhancements you’ll enjoy an even more realistic and authentic entertainment experience.

Baccarat Gold Basics

Baccarat Gold is an 8 deck card game that has a minimum buy-in wager of 5 credits and a max wager of 500 credits. You can make a range of side bets on top on the usual Player and Banker bets. Side bets include a Tie Bet which has a payout ratio of 9:1. Banker and Player Pair Bets are also available at a payout ratio of 11:1. These side bets add an extra element of intrigue and excitement, and also provide additional ways for you to win. The game’s objective however remains the same, and you’ll need to wager on which one of the 3 outcomes you think will occur. Bets can be placed on the player winning, the banker winning or the game ending in a tie. The winning hand will have a value as close to 9 as possible and in baccarat, the value of cards is calculated minus the leftmost digit. This means a hand of 13 is in fact equal to 3, a hand of 17 equal to 7 and so forth. Cards 2 to 9 are awarded their face value, Jacks, Queens and Kings are equal zero and Aces are worth 1 point. The cutting edge Baccarat Gold software will calculate hands automatically, and if a 3rd card needs to be dealt in any hand, it will be.

Sophisticated Online Baccarat Entertainment

The theme in Baccarat Gold gives you the impression that you are already a high-roller at one of the world’s finest casinos. Imagine you’re sitting at a table at the Bellagio in Las Vegas, that is what Baccarat Gold feels like. Baccarat Gold brings real life gaming to your PC or Laptop. With a genuine “peek” animation that imitates the real games at a land-based casino where the player lifts the corner of a card to view it. Once you have had a peek at your cards you can flip them over to reveal them to the dealer and then they will be returned to the playing area. Other additional features that have been seen in baccarat before include the History (outcomes of hands from a previous round) and Roadmap (further analysis of the game derived from history but indicating possible subsequent outcomes) features that all players can use to their advantage.

A Quality Casino Game

Baccarat Gold is head and shoulders above the competition and fly’s the Gold Series flag higher than before. This superb table game can be enjoyed at its finest at the best Canadian casinos online. Register with a Microgaming casino like Spin Palace or Mummys Gold and try your hand at Baccarat Gold, today!