Baccarat is one of the most popular casino games in the world, and some of the best online versions can be found at You can choose to play the usual online offerings, at a very high standard, or try the Live Dealer games for even more immersive experiences. The game was first played in the aristocratic homes of Italy and then also France, starting in the 14th century, so it has a very long and proud history. is the perfect casino to honour the game in the way that it deserves. Powered by Playtech, delivers a superior Baccarat experience to new and experienced players, and every game is true to life and authentic. Baccarat Baccarat Basics

At you have the option between downloading the free casino software and playing in browser. Additionally, you can choose between playing in demo mode for no deposit or for real money, meaning that you have the chance to learn the game and refine your skills before placing any real money bets. In the game of Baccarat you’ll be betting on any of the outcomes of comparing 2 hands of cards with each other. You can bet on the Banker or Player hand winning, or on a tie. Player and Banker are not terms that refer to you or the casino, and it is not you playing a hand against the Dealer. They are simply the names given to the 2 sets of cards that are set against each other. The number cards are worth their face value, aces are worth 1 and royal cards each carry a value of 0. To determine the value of the hand, the 2 cards that make it up are added together and the 10 is dropped.

So, for example, if a 7 and an 8 are added together, the total will be 5 and not 15. With this system, the highest total in Baccarat is 9. This is called a Natural and automatically wins the round. If neither hand is a 9, the Player pair can stand at 6 and above and must be dealt a card if it totals 5 or below. The Banker hand also gets another card in certain situations, and the software will determine when this is required. The payouts for backing the winning hand are 1:1, less 5% commission in the case of a Banker win. Payouts for betting on a tie are much higher, at 8:1, but then the odds are much greater as well with the house edge sitting at a massive 14.1%. The risks and rewards are equally high, so it depends how lucky you are feeling.

Live Baccarat at

For the most immersive action outside of a land-based casino, try the Live Baccarat games. Professional dealers will deal your cards, and you watch the game unfold via live stream. The Live Dealer games are the closest you’ll get to playing in a land based casino, whilst shielded in the comfort of your own home, and playing this way at comes highly recommended.