JackpotCity Baccarat

At JackpotCity you can enjoy all of the best versions of a classic card game that’s stood the test of time. Baccarat has become incredibly popular at Canadian casinos, and JackpotCity has stood up to the challenge of providing players with a top-notch table game experience. The natural elegance of the game, which was first played in the noble houses of 14th-century Italy and then in France, shines through in every game of Baccarat offered at JackpotCity. The superb graphics and smooth functionality of the game are sure to immerse you from the moment you start to play. Baccarat might not be as exclusive as it was when it was first played by European aristocrats all those centuries ago, but the online casino games at JackpotCity are just as sophisticated and refined as those ever were.

Powered by Microgaming, JackpotCity prides itself in delivering the very best in table games, and the versions of Baccarat it has to offer are state of the art. For players who enjoy the atmosphere and excitement of Live Dealer games, there’s also live Dealer Baccarat that provides the ultimate in realistic game play. You can interact with the professional croupiers and with fellow enthusiasts, which makes things much more enjoyable and sociable. Many friendships have been forged this way, and it’s a great arena for learning more about the game and getting tips on strategy from those in the know. It’s as authentic as it is possible to get without actually sitting at a Baccarat table in a brick-and-mortar casino.

Whether you want to enjoy the more conventional standard online Baccarat games or you are ready for the unique pace and thrills of a live game, JackpotCity is one of the best places for players in Canada to do it. Learn a little more with this before you get started.

JackpotCity Baccarat

JackpotCity Baccarat Fundamentals

In every round of Baccarat there are 2 hands of cards dealt: The Punto, or Player, hand and the Banco, or Banker, hand. These don’t actually refer to hands that are given to you and the Dealer, but just 2 sets of cards that are compared against each other in the game. You’ll be able to bet on all outcomes; on either of the hands beating the other with a higher total, or on the hands tying. If the Player or Banker hand that you backed wins you’ll get paid out 1:1. The payout for a tie is much higher, at 8:1, but the house edge stands at 14.1%. It should also be noted that, in a Banker hand win, the payout is less 5% for commission.

The face cards in this game are all worth 1, the number cards carry the value that they display and the aces are all worth 1. To determine the hand totals, the 2 cards are added together and the 10 is dropped. So, for example, a hand of 7 and 2 is worth 9, while a card pair of 9 and 4 is worth 3 rather than 13. The first set has lower numbers that the second, but it has the higher value. This means that the highest hand possible is 9, which is called a Natural. If the total of the first 2 Player cards is 6 or 7 it will stand, which if it is lower another card is dealt.

There are also rules on when the Banker hand gets another card, but these are a little more complex and involved. Luckily, at JackpotCity you never need to remember these. It’s always the responsibility of the house or dealer, and the software works out the calculations automatically. The only thing you need to focus on is your Baccarat game; enjoying yourself and developing your strategy.

Baccarat Strategy Development

Baccarat is essentially a game of chance, so most of your tactical decisions will be based on the bets you place rather than the moves you make. Most seasoned experts also recommend that you factor this element of chance into your game plan as well, since it is a reality of the game and one of the things that makes playing it so exciting. A very basic rule of thumb is to never bet on a tie, unless you are very happy to lose the money that you wager.

The rush that you will experience if you win on such a stake is unparalleled, but the chances of this happening are rare enough to mean that you shouldn’t expect it at all. Aside from the tie bets, Baccarat is among the casino games with a low house edge, so it’s well worth playing and taking advantage of this. Martingale betting strategies are a good way to build the element of chance into your wagers, and involve doubling your stake when you lose and halving it when you win. This may seem strange at first, but it means that you will ultimately recoup whatever you have lost when your losing streak inevitably ends and you win again.

Easy Online Baccarat Entertainment

If you’re ready for an action-packed, fast paced game with rewards to match its thrills, you’re ready for the exciting games of Baccarat that are on offer for at JackpotCity. The casino also gives you the chance to learn how to play with no risk, so you can sign up and play for free first, before you place real money bets. This means you can try out any tips and strategy advice that you pick up without any risk and without investing anything except your time. It’s also a great way to just relax and enjoy some high-quality online casino games without any stress. When you’ve built up some skills and confidence and you feel ready, you can start playing for real money.

Of course, when you are ready the promotions and other deals available will make it very worth your while. JackpotCity’s generous bonuses will give your real money play a boost and makes playing at this casino that much more rewarding! 

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