Spin Palace Baccarat

The game of Baccarat originated in Italy in the 14th century and then spread to France, being played exclusively in the noble houses of both countries. Today, the game is just as sophisticated and elegant as it ever was, but is open to online casino players all over the world. When you’re playing online, the best place to enjoy Baccarat is at Spin Palace! This elite online casino offers games with the most immersive graphics and the smoothest gameplay, and you’re going to love the big rewards that are up for grabs as well! Featuring an array of tables for you choose from, including a Live Dealer option, Spin Palace provides premium Baccarat entertainment 24/7. The casino is powered by Microgaming, meaning that every game is authentic and realistic, and offers fair, unbiased results.

Spin Palace Baccarat

Baccarat Game Basics

Baccarat is known for having the lowest house edge of all table games, so there is great potential for huge payouts. There are 2 hands dealt in every round; the Player and Banker hand. These don’t refer to you and the house, but simply to the 2 sets of cards that the dealer dishes out. You get to bet on one of 3 outcomes – on the Player hand winning, the Banker hand winning or on the hands tying. Each hand is comprised of two cards, which are added together in-play. The aces count for 1, the number cards are worth their face value and the royal cards are all worth 0.

When the cards are added together the ten unit is dropped, meaning, for example, that a hand of 7 and 5 will be worth 2 rather than 12. This means that the highest possible score in the game is 9, and this hand will automatically take the round. If the Player hand total is lower than 6 or 7 another card will be dealt, and there are also rules governing when the Dealer hand gets another card. These are a little more complex, and they are governed by whether or not the Player hand got another card, what its value was, and other factors. You don’t need to worry about remembering any of this at Spin Palace though; as all the Baccarat games are set up to deal another card whenever it is necessary.

If your bet on the Player hand or the Banker hand winning is successful, you’ll get paid out 2:1. A tie has a higher risk factor attached to it, with a relatively steep house edge of 14.1%, but it offers a higher payout as well – 8:1, to be precise!

Free and Real Money Online Baccarat

The more time you spend playing Baccarat at Spin Palace, the more you’ll come to appreciate all of the nuances in the game. Every game provides a true to life gaming experience and delivers top class entertainment straight to your desktop or mobile. This means you can carry on your Baccarat, and other casino games, seamlessly as you go through your day. You might start on your personal computer at home, continue on your smartphone as you commute into work and then finish on your tablet once you get to the office and are waiting for a meeting to start.

It all fits in perfectly with the busy daily lives of today, and we know that players in Canada will appreciate this. At Spin Palace casino Baccarat can also be played for free or real money, giving you the opportunity to learn how the game works, refine your strategies and systems and make the most out of every hand when you switch to real money play. Aside from giving you the space to polish your skills and build up your confidence, playing free for no deposit also means you can keep going when your daily budget is exhausted, and it gives you the chance to just enjoy yourself without any stresses.

Of course, when you are ready to play for real money the potential payouts and the bankroll-boosting bonuses available at Spin Palace will make it thrilling and very rewarding to do so!

Baccarat Strategy Pointers

This is essentially a game of chance, which means two things for players. Firstly, most of the decisions you’ll be making won’t be about how to play, but rather about how to bet. You have no influence over what cards are dealt but you do have some control over the wagers you place, so this makes sense. The second issue with this element of chance is that, since it is undisputedly there, the best course of action is arguably to build it in to your wagering strategy.

A very basic rule of thumb, then, is to never bet on a tied game. While the thrills that this risky wager brings and the adrenaline rush that you get if you do win can be very tempting for some players, the chances of you winning are so small that they shouldn’t even be entertained if you’re betting strategically. Don’t wager anything here that you’ll regret losing, because you probably will!

One of the most common ways to factor this unpredictability into your wagering is to use Martingale betting strategies. Here, you double your stakes when you are losing and you halve them when you are winning. This can seem quite counter-intuitive at first, but as you play you’ll see that this means you ultimately come out on top. If you keep playing for long enough, you’ll eventually end your losing streak and catch a win, and will be able to recoup all your losses. The key issue here is that you must keep playing for long enough, and must stick to your betting strategy no matter what.

If you follow the plan and see it out to the end, you should always come right. As you spend more time playing the great Baccarat games available at Spin Palace, you’ll gain more insight and develop your own strategy and style as well. You’ll start feeling ready to take on the challenge of Live Dealer games too, so get started today! The sooner you start playing, the more time you’ll have to enjoy your journey.