Online Craps Guide

Famous around the globe, Online Craps is a game with a rich history; and although it used to be the domain of high rollers, it’s now accessible to anyone who wants to give it a try.

The advent of the Internet has taken an incredibly popular gambling game and turned it into an online sensation. Craps has evolved from an activity that was originally enjoyed on roadsides to one of the hottest games around. The buzz, the suspense and the sheer adrenaline as the dice are thrown make this one of the most exciting forms of entertainment in any online casino.

When it comes to playing, it’s important not to go in unprepared. Yes, this is an online casino game and it’s about fun and entertainment, however, it’s also one that comes with a number of rules, and for that reason it’s of the utmost importance to become acquainted with these rules before playing for real cash.

It’s also far easier to learn how to play at an online casino than in real life, since you can view the full payout card on each table, which acts as a constant reminder of the rules.

Best Casinos to Play Craps

Know Your Craps Basics

Craps, whether played online or on your mobile, is quite complex – at least it can seem complex in the beginning - so much so that it could leave you bewildered. One of the most important things to become acquainted with is the terminology – of which there is a fair amount. Fret not though, this is still a casino game, and the main objective is still fun!

The best way to go about learning how to play is to sign up with one of our Canadian online casinos and opt for the free play/ practice play version. This way you can play over and over until you have a full mastery over the rules, the terminology and the inner workings. It’s also not a bad idea to do a Google search on how to play and to get to know more about what’s what.

Craps really can be enjoyed by anyone, and the free play option lets you become acquainted with the rules, how it works, the bets, and how you can maximize your winning potential.

Top Online Craps Action

The main appeal of Craps comes from its simplicity, the low house edge and the rush of adrenaline you get when you’re waiting for the dice to reveal your fate. When you take a great game and combine it with software from one of the industry’s top developers, you can expect nothing less than pure, quality gaming with stunning visuals and exciting sound effects.

The action is smooth and seamless, and it’s also hyper-realistic, with the advantage of being faster than in a land-based casino as there’s no waiting around. For a table game that can, in some versions, appear cluttered and confusing, Playtech have done a fabulous job designing a crisp, smart and user-friendly design that focuses on the betting options and clearly labels the payouts.

Not only does it look classy, but it is also useful to new players who may otherwise be put off by the number of betting options. It is true that it can sometimes be tricky to work out what you need to do when you’re a beginner, but with a little practice, anyone can become a pro.

Easy Online Craps Bets

For a game that’s based on quite a simple idea, there are several fairly complicated betting options to get your head around. Line Bets, Single Roll Bets, Multi Roll Bets and Player bets will allow you to take as much or as little risk as you like, with some of the more complex bets actually narrowing the House Edge to nearly zero.

The wide range of betting options allows you to work out your own tactics and strategies for winning, and this flexibility puts the power to win in your hands.

The low House Edge can be best utilized when wagering on the pass/don’t pass and come/don’t come options, but you’ll quickly pick it up and establish a betting system that works for you. The pass/don’t pass bets are the first one’s you’ll need to learn and are incredibly simple.

Many players develop their own system or strategy over time, whilst others make use of tried and tested betting systems. Although essentially a game of chance, a betting system can see you offset your losses and improve your success rate dramatically. Personally I could spend hours playing at the tables. Try it for free now and see if you agree!

Side-Stepping the Bad Bets

Online Craps is known for having the lowest house edge of all casino games. However, this very statement is a double-edged sword – reason being that this is only true when it comes to the Pass Line and Don’t Pass Bar bets. The rest of the betting options are in favour of the house. It’s important to differentiate between the various bets and thus avoid piling up the deck in the house’s favour.

Always try and avoid the big 6 and 8 bets as they are in favour of the house by 9.1%. The Pass the Line Bet is a better option than those two as it as a 1.41% edge to the house. The Don’t Pass Bar bet carries an even lower house edge than the Pass Line Bet – and it sits at 1.36%. The only major issue with the Don’t Pass Bar bet is that it goes against the player who rolls the dice. To put it in another way, the player is betting that whoever is rolling the dice will fail.

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