Diamond Reels Craps

You can always rely on us to bring you the best online casino games and the best casino games themselves, from Blackjack to Roulette to, of course, Craps! Diamond Reels’ craps games are some of the best that you’ll find in Canada today.

An Excellent Choice

Diamond Reels Casino offers its Canadian Clientele gaming content from Realtime Gaming – a company that’s been making online casino games since 1999. Now it must be said that we haven’t always approved in the way that Realtime Gaming Casinos have conducted themselves and its why we’ve chosen our Realtime Gaming partners with extra care. As always, if it’s a casino that we recommend, you can trust it has extremely high standards. Having checked everything out, we’re pleased to report that Diamond Reels offers a fair gaming environment to its players and provides a very decent version of online craps – a game with a rich legacy and one that also carries exceptional winning potential. The legacy of craps can be traced back the year of the Crusades which took place between the 11th and 15th centuries. Back then when this game was conceived the dice were made from bone. No bone dice are needed these days, then again neither is an actual table as online craps is available at your convenience on your PC as well as your smartphone. All the traditional elements of the game have been included in the online version and thus you can place all the bets as if you were at a table in Vegas. Best of all, if you’re not familiar with online craps, you can try it out for free!

Diamond Reels Craps Basics 

Land-based Craps games consist of throwing dice on a table, and betting on where they will land. When you play at Diamond Reels the action is simulated with slick animations and Random Number Generation, so you can enjoy immersive action from your own home. Each area on the Craps Table is open for betting, with the middle space reserved for Proposition Bets. These are the riskiest in the game, but they’re also the most rewarding and are absolutely irresistible to many players. The different bets possible in Craps are quite complicated, and it takes a while to get familiar and comfortable with the game. Being able to play without making a deposit allows you the time you need to practice and build your confidence, and even once you’re a seasoned player it’s a nice way to simply relax and appreciate the game.

Play Craps at Diamond Reels Now 

No-deposit gameplay is an essential part of any online gambling journey, especially in a casino that is as well-designed and enjoyable as Diamond Reels is. Having said that, nothing beats the thrills of winning big during real-money play and the sooner you develop your Craps skills in some free games the sooner you’ll feel ready to put some of your own money down! Head over to Diamond Reels today to begin the adventure, first for free and then with real money!