Red Kings Craps

At Casino Red Kings you can play a host of games provided by reputable providers like Bally Technologies, NextGen, Evolution Gaming and many others. One of the most popular table games at Casino Red Kings would have to be online craps. At first seemingly complex, it’s a dice game that’s history spans all the way back to the days of the Crusades when dice were still made of bone! Luckily those days are over! Casino Red Kings offers online craps for free whereby allowing you to learn all the intricacies of the game, and believe us – this is one table game you’ll want to learn! Yes, you can try it on a whim or from the get-go, but then you might find yourself facing tough odds. At the same time you might experience a classic case of beginners luck.

However, here at we recommend that you try it for free first in order to practice it and to become proficient at it. With online craps you’ll be able to play the game as if you were on the floor in Vegas. You’ll find all the various bets – Pass Line, Don’t Pass Bar, Come, 30 for 1 and more! All it takes is a bit of knowledge and a bit of luck and you could be winning some serious cash.

Craps Basics

Don’t be put off by the seemingly complex craps table, or by the myriad of different betting options. At Casino Red Kings you can get to grips with the games risk free and take your time in learning exactly what’s what. Once you feel comfortable with the game you can switch to real money play and discover just how lucrative craps can be. But until you’re ready, take advantage of the free play mode, it’s worth its weight in gold!

There is a trick to making playing craps easy, and that’s simply to learn what you need to know and discard the rest! There are plenty of wagers that skilled players consider to be sucker bets; so don’t waste your time on these when you could be winning in another easier way. You can play simply by knowing what the Pass Line bet is; so getting started doesn’t take long! 

Get Started with Craps at Red Kings

To begin you’ll need to buy chips to value you require (or in the free games you’ll simply be given a set amount or can request a stack). You’ll then place your bet and the shooter will roll the dice. This is known as the ‘Come Out Roll’. Remember that you can win on a single dice roll, or it may take more than one roll to attain a win, and only the totals of both dice really matter. This means that for every roll you need to add the totals up on both dice in order to get your result.

If you’ve opted for the Pass Line bet and a 7 or 11 is rolled, you’ll win! Once you’ve got an idea of how the dice rolls work and the game terminology you can check out other betting options, work on refining your betting systems or applying strategies that work for you. Craps is a casino game that’s loads of fun, and after a few rolls of the dice you’ll soon see why so many players in Canada love this age-old form of wagering entertainment!