European Roulette

It’s time for you to enjoy Roulette European style! Gaming giants Playtech have provided us with another brilliant Roulette game, but this time you’ve got a better chance of winning thanks to the 37 chambers on the iconic red and black wheel.

It may not seem a huge difference compared to the 38 of American Roulette, but it almost halves the Houses’ edge, increasing your winning chances.  The aim of the game is to place your bet on where the ball will land – on a number, colour or within a general range. The types of bet are listed in the pay table which can be seen by scrolling over the betting maximum sign.  Spin the wheel and hope it lands on your bet and then get celebrating!

Best in Online Roulette Entertainment

European Roulette is an iconic game and Playtech has made sure it lives up to its vibrant reputation as this game is deftly animated and very life like, and with a lower House advantage of about 2.7%, you can enjoy more winning chances. In contrast, the American version of the game’s house edge is 5.26%, so it’s easy to see why so many players opt for the European version.

What’s great about European Roulette is that its really easy to play, and beginners can start by wagering on a colour, a single number or odds or evens. Once you’ve got the hang of the game you can opt for the more complex bets and wager on sets or sequences of numbers and so forth.

The rules of the game are incredibly simple and Playtech’s version not only boasts brilliant graphics, its interface is well laid out and incredibly user-friendly. Essentially a game of chance and not skill, you can place your bets and watch the wheel spin in the hope that you are a winner!

It doesn’t get easier than this, and European Roulette is incredibly enjoyable as it’s so fast paced. Typically, when playing online Roulette, the games unfold quickly, giving you a greater chance of racking up big wins in a shorter period of time.

Top European Roulette Tips

Roulette can be a very lucrative game when played for real money and although you cannot use strategy to lower the odds, you can make use of tried and trusted betting systems that have been around for years. Some of the more popular Roulette betting strategies include the D’Alembert, Paroli and Martingale systems, and each can improve your success rate considerably.

Another important tip for online Roulette enthusiasts is to manage your bankroll and keep tabs on your money. This is especially important when it comes to making use of a betting system, as these are based on increasing or decreasing wager amounts depending on whether you win or lose.

If you want to enjoy a premium online Roulette experience that really offers you the best possible chance of winning big, opt for European Roulette. Playtech’s version is available at the best casinos in Canada and it is authentic, realistic and hugely rewarding. A real casino classic updated for the digital age, you can’t go wrong when you play European Roulette online!