French Roulette

You don’t have to head to the exotic European country to enjoy French Roulette, when you can play it for free and enjoy all the class and compelling gameplay at the click of a finger. Pull up to the table, order a drink and start placing your bets. French Roulette is a true casino classic and although it’s less popular than its American and European counterparts, it’s no less compelling or rewarding. In fact, it features 2 unique rules that can reduce the house edge even further, making winning big even more of a possibility.

French Roulette Basics

French Roulette is an easy game to learn and its certainly not one of the more complex options available online. The online version is played much the same as the land based variant, except that the games play out far faster, so you stand a better chance of winning more in a shorter period of time. As with a normal game of Roulette, the aim of the game is to place your bet on either a specific number, or bet within the colours or number ranges. The game consists of a Roulette wheel, a betting section on the table and the little ball that’s dropped into the wheel when it’s spun. Your fate rests on this little ball and it decides whether or not you end up a winner!

Specific Bets in French Roulette

As in all variations, the online French Roulette betting table is arranged with an inner and outer section. This has led to the wagers being called Inside and Outside Bets, depending on where they are found on the table.

The Outside Bets include the Red/Black and Odd/Even wagers, where you put money on whether the ball will land in a red or black, or odd- or even-numbered pocket. They have odds of almost 50-50 and pay out 1:1.

The Inside track is a grid with each square representing a number on the wheel. The bet you place depends on where you put your chip. For example, a Straight Bet is on a single number, and you put your chip in the centre of the appropriate square. In a Corner Bet, your chip goes on the intersection of 4 squares, so that it touches each of their corners.

The wagers specific to online French Roulette are called Announced Bets. They are complicated and involve multiple chips, to include all the numbers involved. In land-based games you usually need to announce the bet you’re placing, which is where the name comes from. Options include Voisons du Zéro, covering 0 and the 7 numbers on either side, and Tiers du Cylindre involving the 12 numbers that are opposite the 0.

La Partage and En Prison

The French variation of online Roulette also has 2 rules that no other versions do, which lower the House Edge more. With La Partage, if you place one of the even-money Outside Bets and lose, half of what you staked is returned to you. In En Prison, which is less commonly seen, the wheel is spun again after a losing even-money wager. If you win this time, you get your stake back; otherwise you lose everything.

Easy Online Roulette Entertainment

If you’re familiar with the typical American Roulette, then French Roulette will be no problem. The only difference between them is that there are 37 pots instead of 38, meaning that the House has a smaller edge –about 2.7% instead of 5.6%. The lit panels and the payout table make it very easy to keep track of your bets so you’ll be able to keep track of everything and build up your Roulette strategy on this free game. Enjoy some class in your gaming and try out French Roulette today.

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