Gold Series Roulette

Canadian players looking for an edition of the classic game named after the little wheel that is as close to the real thing as possible have a fantastic option in Microgaming’s Gold Series Roulette. It is visually stunning, easy to understand, and offers convenient, exciting opportunities to win big. And just like their slots it is fast paced, fun and very rewarding!

Part of the award-winning provider’s wider Gold Series of casino games, it is characterised by realistic graphics and animation, as well as a few expert betting options.

European Rules and More

The rules of European online Roulette form the foundation of the Gold Series game and are as easy to remember as the simplest of slots. However, it also includes a few elements found traditionally in the French variation.

Among the 36 numbered black and red wheel pockets is a single green one, marked with a 0. That pocket is what determines the house edge, and is why some bets have a slightly less than 50/50 chance of winning.

Classic Betting Options

The expertly-designed Gold Series Roulette table features a main track with the classic betting options. They include outside and inside bets.

The outside bets are in the larger blocks on the outer edge of the track, and include various groups of numbers, odd/even, and red/black options. The inside bets are in the smaller blocks on the inner edge. They are straight number bets, which make them trickier to land.

Expert Bet Options

Like the other titles in the Gold Series and some of the developers more sophisticated online slots, this one features an option that will appeal to experienced players. If you select the Expert function, you also have the option of placing neighbour, zero game, red splits, and black splits bets.

When you place the neighbour bet, which, together with the zero option, is usually found in the French variation, you bet not only on one of the numbers, but also on the pockets on either side of that number.

Convenient ReBet Function

Many Canadians are happy to place the same bet several times in a row, especially if it has won previously, or if they are using their lucky numbers. Gold Series Roulette has taken this into account.

This release includes a ReBet function. When selected, it places the last wager placed by the player again. This is far more convenient than having to select and move chips.

Different Limits for Different Bets

Most casino games have an easy approach to betting limits, whether they are played on a table, or have spinning reels like slots. There are minimum and maximum amounts, and players can place either one of those, or anything in between.

This edition of online Roulette is slightly more complicated, and it has different limits for the different options on the track. For example, dozen bets are capped at 70.00, squares have a maximum limit of 30.00, splits cannot be placed for more than 20.00, and straights may not exceed 15.00.

Playing the Game

If you are thinking that this version sounds a lot more complex than other editions, we can assure you that playing it is just as simple as versions with fewer features and functions.

To play it, all you need to do is bet on the ball’s final landing spot in the wheel. This could be one of the outside options that cover a range of possible outcomes, or it can be a specific inside option. When you have made your choice, and clicked the play button, the wheel will spin, the ball will be dropped in, and once it has stopped spinning, the result will be announced.

Gold Series Roulette is one that is not to be missed by fans of the gaming option. Try it out for yourself at Platinum Play, a Canadian online casino that is powered by the best software and offers sumptuous bonuses, the best in table games and online slots action, and a whole lot more.

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