Spin A Win

Playtech’s Spin A Win is a colourful, Roulette-based Casino game that tips its cap to the popular old TV Shows, such as Play Your Cards Right and Wheel of Fortune. If you get nostalgic about the entertainment of yesteryear, or if you just like a fun, fast-paced game with huge winning potential, then give Spin A Win a play now. Based on an arcade game, this online casino caper is a load of fun, and filled with chances to win big.

Game Basics

At the centre of the game is a Roulette-like wheel, but it only has 24 numbers and makes use of 5 different colours. To add to the intrigue of the game, each colour covers a selection of numbers, rather than one at a time.  This colourful wheel will be spun after all bets have been placed, and a fixed pointer will determine a winning result when the wheel comes to a halt. There’s no zero in the game, but payouts are defined to include a house edge.


Types of Bets

Just like in the game of Roulette, in Spin A Win you’ll need to guess (in some form or another) which number you think the reel will stop on. This could involve any of the following types of bets:

One Number:
Simply predict which number you think the wheel will land on. You can bet no more than $4 on any one number and, if you guess it correctly, you’ll win 23.4x your bet.

One Third of the Wheel:
Another traditional Roulette bet, this allows you to choose which section the wheel will stop on. With the wheel divided into thirds (1-8, 9-16 and 17-24) you’ll have a 1 in 3 chance of getting this right. You can bet up to a maximum of $25 on this simple wager, with payouts at 2.9x your bet.

Unlike traditional Roulette there are five colours on this wheel and they are not split evenly. The payouts here roughly reflect the likelihood of landing on the colour, with the option to select a combination of colours available if you wish to hedge your bets.

Final Digit:
This allows you to select the final digit of the number that you think the wheel will land on – however you can only choose from 1, 2, 3 or 4.

Higher or Lower:
Simply make a prediction about whether the next number will be higher or lower than the number that came before it. The maximum bet is $75 and the payouts depend on how easy each one is to predict.

A simple 50/50 bet that pays out 1.9x your bet for a correct guess, with the betting maximum set at $50.

Bets for Every Budget

There’s a huge range of different betting options as you can see but, thanks to the clear layout and the colour coding of the design, I found it very quick to pick up (and I’m sure you will too!)

You can make as many or as few bets as you like on each spin, meaning that there’s an option available for every budget. Personally, I really enjoy the Higher or Lower bets as they’re quite logical to predict so it’s easy to get a payout.

Experience Non-Stop Fun with Spin A Win

Spin A Win delivers premium entertainment and the chance to win big, all rolled in to one. Playtech has done a great job with the graphics in this game, making for a truly immersive experience. It’s simple, yes, but highly effective. Give the wheel a spin yourself in the free play game below and see what you make of it!