Why Are Online Slots So Popular?

Online Slots are intrinsically fun to play and players can pick up the rhythm of the machines very quickly. Online Slots are simple and dynamic, offering a pure gaming experience that always feels fresh and enjoyable.

The crossover of slots from land-based casino games to one of the mainstays of top quality online casinos has been seamless. In fact online slots offer even more potential for both rewards and excitement than their land based counterparts.

As Canadian online casinos have enjoyed an explosion in popularity, online slot games have been at the forefront of this development. Designers with exciting ideas have breathed new life into the format and the power of the internet has enabled games to run more smoothly than ever before with stunning cutting-edge graphics and stereo quality sound effects.

Where on the Internet to play Real Money Slots?

Slot machines are a firm favourite in the world of online gaming due to their ease of play and massive payout potential. When it comes to Slots, there’s no skill involved, so it doesn’t matter if you’re brand new to the games or a seasoned Slot player, your chances of a winning spin will remain exactly the same.

Online Slots with real money prizes present the opportunity to take the simplicity and thrill of the land-based games to brand new levels of excitement and profitability. With bright and inviting high definition graphics, a range of game formats to choose from (including classic 3 Reel games, 5 Reel Video Slots, Progressive Jackpot Slots and Tournaments), and more game themes than you ever thought imaginable, the vast world of online Slots truly offers something for everyone.

Many online Slots are modelled on their land-based predecessors, so even players that started spinning the Reels in casinos or bars will find online Slots that are familiar, fun and even more lucrative than the original games. To be sure you’re getting the most from your online Slot play and enjoy the full diversity of what the web has to offer, simply visit one of our recommended websites.

We don’t simply look at online casinos before recommending them to you – we play the games on offer, get to know the software and use the casino’s rewards or Bonuses to gain the best possible sense of the full player experience. We only recommend secure casinos which use rigorous security measures and are always on the lookout for the best casino Bonuses and biggest jackpots available.

Top 6 Slots Games

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Break da bank again
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Stash of the titans
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Gold Factory
Grab your gold and go for glory!
Prepare to slay some giant jackpot prizes!

No.1 Choice for Slots Game

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Types of Slots

3 Reel Classic Slots

3 Reel Slots are the simplest form of Slots that you’ll find in any online Casino. Inspired by the original classic Slots and fruit machines, these games offering a retro gaming experience loved by many.

Modelled on the very first Slot machine, these throwbacks to the 19th century feature 3 Reels and a single payline. The symbols on these Slots tend to be the iconic images that you would associate with traditional Slot machines, including fruit, playing cards, bells and the bar symbol.

The idea of the game is to create a combo of matching symbols along the payline in order to win a cash payout. Unlike many of the Video Slots available online nowadays, 3 Reel Slots tend to have very few special features, making them a great game for beginners.

5 Reel Slots

5 Reel Slots are very similar to the traditional 3 Reel Slots, except that there are 5 spinning reels rather than 3 (as the name suggests!) This means that it is slightly more tricky to match up that winning combination of symbols, however if you do, the payouts on a 5 Reel Slot can be far more rewarding.

Another way in which 5 Reel Slots differ from their 3 Reel siblings is that they offer more than one payline. 5 Reel Slots usually have at least 5 paylines, which can be activated my increasing the number of coins you wish to play. Of course, this increases your bet, but with more paylines you have more chance of winning. The paylines usually stretch across three screen in three horizontal lines and two diagonal lines (essentially forming a cross over the reels.)

5 Reel online Slots will usually be themed, with the game’s symbols relating to this theme. They often have added features, too, such as a Wild symbol, which can be used to improve your chances of scoring combos.

Be sure to always check the Pay Table before you play any online Slot to discover any special symbols and how they work so that you know how to make the best winning combos.

Multi Payline Slots

Multi Payline Slots are usually a type of 5 Reel Slot that feature multiple paylines, increasing your chances of winning exponentially. The many paylines on a Multi Payline Slot can be seen zig-zagging all across the reels – as many as 50 in a single Slot – and in order to engage all of the paylines players will have to increase their beta; the payouts can, however, be well worth the wager, making these Slots some of the most thrilling in any online Casino today.

Wagers can be calculated by multiplying the coin size by the number of paylines that you wish to engage. For example, if you were to engage all of the paylines on a 25 Payline Slot, and your coins were valued at 15¢, then the cost of each spin would be 15¢ x 25 = $3.75.

Many players therefore like to play at Multi Payline Slots that offer a low coin size – 1¢ or 2¢ – so that the cost of each spin is not too high.

Bonus Feature Slots

Bonus game Slots are any type of online Slot that include a fun extra feature for some added excitement in the game, and of course to give you the chance to win a bit of extra cash!

The Bonus features in these Slots can range from Free Spins and additional multipliers to mini games that are entirely separate from the base game; these include such games as Wheels of Fortune, Guessing Games, Treasure Hunts and many more original ideas, many of which will have been inspired by the theme of the game.

The great thing about these Bonus games is that they can inject some excitement – and some cash! – into a Slot, just when you really need it.

Progressive Jackpot Slots

Progressive Jackpot Slots are the games that pay out the enormous Jackpots, sometimes reaching into the millions, which are often reported in Slots News features.

Progressive Jackpots can be attached to any type of Slots – 3 Reel, 5 Reel, Multi Payline and Bonus Feature Slots – in order to spice things up a bit!

As more and more players have a go at a particular Slot, the prize pool begins to progressively grow to form a potentially sizeable Jackpot. The larger the Jackpot grows, the more players join in the game for the chance to win the enormous prize. Eventually, one lucky player will land on the elusive combination that wins them the huge prize and the Jackpot resets to its base value.

It’s worth noting that in order to have a shot at winning a progressive Jackpot, most Slots will require you to be wagering the maximum amount per spin. This information will be available on the Pay Table, so be sure to check this out before you begin to avoid disappointment.


243 Ways to Win

A type of 5 Reel Slot that, instead of having a specific number of paylines, allows players to form lines in any direction possible as long as the symbols are consecutive; the total number of ways in which the player can win, therefore, is 243.


When playing at an online or mobile Casino, this is the amount of money you have in your account that you can play with. It can consist of cash that has been deposited, winnings or Bonus credits earned.

Bet Max

This is the maximum amount that players are allowed to wager on any single bet, whether that’s playing a hand at a card game or a spin at a Slot. Clicking the Bet Max button will automatically stake the highest possible amount.

Bet Min

Opposite of Bet Min. This is the minimum amount that a player can place on a single bet. In Slots terms this will mean reducing the bet and the number of active paylines to the lowest possible amount.

Bonus Feature

This is a special feature within a Slot that is in addition to the base game. It can be in the form of a mini game or offer a limited number of rewards, such as free spins or multipliers.

Casino Software Provider

The developer that created the games and Slots hosted by an online or mobile Casino; some Casinos exclusively use games from a single provider, whilst others use games from several to provide their players with more choice. The best known Casino Software Providers are Microgaming, Playtech and Net Entertainment.


This is the denomination used when gambling at online Slots. One coin is not necessarily equal to £/$/€1 or 1p/1c. When play at a Slot machine you will select how many coins you wish to bet per payline, which will affect the size of your overall bet.

Coin Size

This is the value of the coins, which can be adjusted to match each player’s budget


In Slots terms this can be used to refer to the coins. It is also used more generally at an online Casino to talk about the money in your account, specifically that wish wasn’t added as cash or winnings but rather as a Bonus or prize, and hence cannot be cashed out before it has been played through.

Free Spins

Free Spins are a type of Bonus Feature found at most online and mobile Slots. They are usually awarded when you achieve a specific combination of symbols on a payline.

House Edge

Every online Casino has a built in House Edge in order to make profit. It is usually given to the player as an average percentage of how much of a return they can expect to receive on all money played over time. A good online Casino will have a House Edge in the high 90%s.


The maximum amount of money that can be won on a single go (or spin) within a game

Line Bet

The amount bet per active payline.


Awarded at random or as part of a Bonus feature, a multiplier will increase your winnings by multiplying your total bet by a specific amount.


A line on which symbols can be matched; players will usually be allowed to select the number of active paylines in the game, as the more paylines per spin the more money bet. The more paylines activated, the better the chance of winning.


The winnings received by the player


A numerical table, unique to a Slot, which explains how much each winning combination will pay out.


The Australian word for Slots.

Progressive Jackpot

This is a special type of Jackpot that progressively builds up as more and more people play a particular game (or series of games.) Eventually one play will land a very tricky combination and wing the entire prize pool.


The spinning columns in a Slot are called reels; Slots can feature between 3 and 5 reels and usually reveal 3 or 4 symbols per reel at any one time.


Random Number Generator; the technology that randomly determines the outcome of online Slots so as to ensure a fair chance of winning.


A type of symbol in an online Slot that can appear anywhere on the reels to trigger winnings or Bonus features. Scatters can benefit the player wherever they appear on the screen and do not need to occur on a payline.

Slot Tournament

An event run by an online Casino in which players can compete for the top position on a leader board. The winner is the player with the most coins at the end of the tournament.


The action required to play an online Slot. Pressing the ‘Spin’ button will make the reels appear as if they are spinning, although the result that will appear on screen when they stop was determined by the RNG in the instant the ‘Spin’ button was pressed.


The pictures that feature on the reels, usually in line with a specific theme, although traditionally included fruit and playing card images.

Total bet

Calculated by multiplying the value of the coins by the number of coins by the number of active paylins. For example:

  • 1 coin at 1p with 5 paylines = 5p Total bet
  • 10 coins at 2p with 25 paylines = £5 Total bet

Traditional Slot

Also referred to as a Classic Slot, this is typically a 3 Reel, 1 Payline Slot. It’s a simple game but with solid payouts, popular with fans of traditional land-based Casinos.

Video Slot

A modern type of Slot. Originally in Casinos where video screens were used instead of actually reels. Now used to refer to all modern online Slots that feature interesting themes and exciting Bonus features.


This relates to the ratio between the risk taken by the player and the cash paid out. A low volatility machine tends to be low risk but have frequent payouts of a low value. A high volatility machine is the opposite: high risk, so requires players to begin with a large budget, fewer payouts but, when it does pay out, the rewards are much greater.


A symbol on a Slot that can be substituted for all or most other Slots, making it easier to create winning combinations on a payline.

Best Online Slots for Canadians

Are Online Slots a game suitable for you?

Perhaps one of the best aspects of playing slots is that they cater for all players, from complete online casino novices to high rollers who enjoy placing large wagers. The flexible wagering options mean you can play slots from as little as 0.01 per spin while some of the bigger casino games have a maximum bet of 100.00 or more per spin.

How to win BIG on Progressive Jackpot Slots?

It really comes as no surprise that Progressive Jackpot Slots are amongst the most popular casino games enjoyed by gamers across the globe today. Progressive Jackpot Slots have prize pots which increase as each player wagers, so you can literally watch the jackpots grow before your eyes! All it takes to scoop a hefty cash prize is a winning spin and with some jackpots which START at $1 million, it’s no wonder that players the world over keep spinning the Reels in hopes of landing the winning combination. Someone has to win the jackpot, after all!

In the last few years staggering sums of as much as $10 million have been paid out on Progressive Jackpot Slots. Today, payouts of $1 million plus are reported on a monthly basis, so it’s well worth checking out our recommended Progressive Jackpot Slot titles to be in with a chance of bagging a big jackpot prize. Look out for Cryptologic’s Marvel series of Slots, each of which is connected in a three-part jackpot system. Or why not try Microgaming’s most popular Progressive Jackpot, Mega Moolah.

Progressive Jackpot Slots have the potential to make you a millionaire, so if you’d like a slice of these games’ life changing cash prizes, it’s time to start spinning the Reels and making real money deposits.

Playing Real Money Online Slots

A choice of playing options and payment methods, as well as readily available 24-hour banking services mean you can play online slots pretty much anywhere you can use an internet-connected computer or mobile device conveniently. You can enjoy the rush of spinning the reels for CA$ jackpots on a desktop computer in the comfort of your own home, or you can play on your mobile device when you’re out, about and on the move.

With online banking and e-wallets such as Skrill, Neteller, Click2Pay, EcoCard and ClickAndBuy, with credit cards such as MasterCard and Visa, and with prepaid cards such as PaySafeCard, you can do everything you need to do to play slots for big jackpots. The banking services are available to players who choose to download the free software, and to those who prefer to play no download games in browser. There’s no need to stand in queues, unless there’s a queue when purchasing a prepaid card at a vendor, and there’s no need to wait ages for deposits to be processed.

Funding accounts is quick and painless, and it’s safe, too. The casinos we recommend make player safety a number one priority. Third parties cannot access any details, whether personal or banking, you submit to the casino when you open your account, when you make deposits to play online slots for real money and when you make withdrawals. State of the art SSL data encryption technology is used to keep everything safe and secure, plus you have the added benefits of the security measures taken by each of the accepted payment method services.

Download and Instant-Play Slots

The array of options you have for playing online slots presents numberless opportunities for tailoring your gaming to suit your needs. Most of the casinos we recommend for players in Canada give you the choice of downloading free software, or of playing instant-play Flash games in browser. In the case of players who have desktop computers, one option would be to download the software and to use your mobile for gaming away from home.

One of the benefits of downloading the free software is that you get access to the casinos’ full suites of games. Some games, and some features of certain games, aren’t available in no download format due to game density. They’re just too big to play reliably in browser. If you’re not in a position to download the software you still get to take your pick from a range of really spectacular instant play games, as software developers have ensured many of the best online slots are available in Flash format.

All you need to play the instant play games in browser on your computer is an active Internet connection. You can still fund your account, play for huge real money jackpots, find player support when needed, claim bonuses and redeem loyalty points.

Popular Online Slots

If you’re looking for the most rewarding, immersive and interactive online slots, a good place to start are the video and progressive jackpot slots available at the casinos we recommend. The former are the most popular among players who love spinning the reels, while the latter offers some of the biggest online jackpots available to players in Canada.

When you play these games it’s not just about spinning the reels. Generally, both vide and progressive jackpot slots offer enhanced action in the form of Wild and Scatter symbols, free spins, re-spins, bonus games and special animations, although the first category really amps it up, while the second doesn’t allow special features to detract from their truly spectacular jackpots. Try playing the best online slots such as Game of Thrones, Avalon II, Gladiator, The Dark Knight and Tomb Raider at Canada’s finest online casinos, and discover reel spinning fun at its finest!

Want to try some popular slot games? Click on one of the slots below.