Top Card Trumps by Betsoft

Betsoft, one of the biggest and best casino software developers in the world, markets its own version of Casino War under the name Top Card Trumps. It has the same structure, and is played according to the same rules.

Like all of Betsoft’s online casino games, Top Card Trumps is smoothly functional and expertly designed. The superb graphics and sound effects will engage you in all the action from the moment you start playing. To learn a little more about this fast-paced game, read on here.

The Basics of Top Card Trumps

Top Card Trumps is played with a 6-deck shoe, and you can choose to bet on up to 3 spots per game. This is essentially like playing with 3 hands. The first thing you do is place your Ante bet; with a range of 1.00 to 100.00 per seat everyone should be able to afford to play.

After you’ve placed your Ante bet a single card is dealt out to each of the spots you have bet on. The dealer gets 1 card too. For each spot, if your card is higher than the dealer’s you win your bet, and if it is lower you lose your bet. If the hands tie you can surrender and give up your half of your Ante or, for the real thrills of the game, you can double your stake and Go to War.

If you Go to War you get another card for that spot, then the dealer deals out 3 cards blindly and puts them face-down, and then deals himself another card. Once again, all of the spots that are still in play compare their new cards with the dealer’s new card.

If the player cards are lower in value than the dealer’s, you lose both of the bets that you placed on that spot. If the player cards are higher or if there is a tie, your Ante is returned to you and the second bet you placed is paid out 1:1.

You can also bet on a draw for each spot before any cards are dealt. If you win this for any of your spots, you get a payout of 10:1. This additional bet can’t be made without the basic Ante bet, though the payouts are independent of each other.

Strategy Tips for Top Card Trumps

Top Card Trumps is a very simple online casino game, and the strategy points for it are too. The more you play, the more you’ll develop a feel for it and your own intuition for it. But we’ve got some basic pointers for you here, to help you get started.

As with the original Casino War game, if you tie with the dealer after the first round of cards, you should always Go to War rather than Surrender. The House Edge is lower if you Go to War, so even though Surrendering might feel safer because you get to keep half your wager, Going to War is actually a better idea. And how often, after all, can you say that the more exciting option is the more sensible option?