Ultimate Blackjack Guide to Card Counting

Many Blackjack players wish they had the skill to count cards, because it can be quite a thrilling achievement to walk away with huge sums of money by having outsmarted a casino and having not gotten caught. While counting cards is not entirely illegal, it is frowned upon by many land-based casinos because it is viewed as cheating.

Players can however consult a Blackjack guide to counting cards, and although its far harder to put this principle into practice online, it’s still a useful skill to learn, and it will help you appreciate the game and all its intricacies even more.

The Appeal of Card Counting

Avid Blackjack players are quite fascinated with card counting because it is a unique strategy that takes some serious schooling and dedication. Playing casino games in itself is a risky and daring activity, but counting cards is even more so and once you’ve mastered the skill you’ll discover why it offers such a real thrill. Anyone playing Blackjack also wants to live the dream of walking away with very big wins, and card counting can help make this a reality.

The Facts About Card Counting

Card counting, which has also been called card reading, is a strategy that has been adopted by many to win at Blackjack. The basis is determining whether the hand or cards that will be dealt next will be profitable for the dealer or the player.

The card counter uses an incredible focus on the details, and keeps track of what cards are dealt to the dealer and the players. They consider which high or low value cards have been dealt, and determine which cards have a high probability of being dealt next.

In order to use the card counting strategy, a player must have a huge bankroll. They must bear in mind that losses do occur and they must avoid being caught by the casino. A successful card counter can acquire a house edge over the casino of 0.5% up to 1%.

With card counting not being outright illegal, it is a strategy that many use, but beginners should not try it because of the consequences if they are caught. Counting cards when playing online Blackjack is a different story, but as the games use RNG’s to determine results it is that much more complex. Live dealer Blackjack games do allow for card counting online, so savvy players will soon get to grips with the requirements.

Blackjack Tips for Online Play

Playing at reputable online casinos is the first and foremost important tip any online Blackjack player can follow. This ensures a safe environment, quality game and fair random number generators. Players can then also expect to receive any winnings fast and not suffer any hassles.

Maintaining a bankroll is also important, because it will prevent a player from incurring major losses. Setting a betting limit and only ever betting what one can afford to lose are golden rules.

The main goal should be to focus on what cards are visible and not be too concerned about what card the dealer holds face down. This is because there is so much more evidence of what the odds are of certain cards being dealt, than what the odds are of that card being any particular card.

Knowing when to hit for another card and when to stand in order not to go bust is also helpful in aiming for a win. Rules such as doubling or splitting should be considered, and it should be known if they apply to a specific Blackjack game. Players can also consider if insurance bets are available.

Card counting, Blackjack strategy and skill can all be used to improve your chances of success in this intriguing card comparing casino game.