Online Casino Cashback Rewards

cashbackrewardsCashback rewards are a common way that land-based and online Casinos entice players into playing at their Casino. They can come in a variety of shapes and sizes: they can be part of a large, ongoing scheme to reward players for their loyalty; or they can be offered as a special promotional deal for a limited time only.

Online Casino Cashback reward schemes shouldn’t be mistaken for a way of making money as they are, at their simplest, just the Casino’s way of saying thank you for your business; however, they can act as a very nice way of protecting yourself from heavy losses and as such can be important to look out for when picking an online Casino.

What Is An Online Casino Cashback Scheme?

Most good Canadian online Casinos, such as those recommended here at, offer a cashback scheme or program of some description. Unlike land-based Casino cashback schemes, they tend to reward players with actual cash as opposed to luxury gifts and VIP treatment.

Online Casino cashback schemes differ from regular Welcome Bonuses as they reward customers not for making a single deposit, but for continuing to choose to play at that particular online Casino. They do this by giving their loyal players an amount of cashback on a weekly or monthly basis that directly correlates to the amount of money the player spent and lost at the Casino during the previous period. The cashback reward will be paid directly to the player, either as genuine cash or as Casino credit.

Cashback amounts entirely depend on the online Casino that you are playing at. High rollers tend to spend a lot more money and therefore earn more cashback than regular players but, as a general rule, players should expect somewhere between 5% and 20% or their losses returned as cashback.

How Do Online Casino Cashback Schemes Work?

Each online Casino cashback scheme operates differently so it is hard to give a definitive description of how every scheme operates but, in general, most cashback schemes will operate along similar lines.

First off you’ll probably need to opt in to the online Casino cashback scheme in question. Next you’ll need to be depositing a set minimum amount over a set period of time to qualify for cashback. This amount might change over time so it is always worth checking with every deposit that you are still meeting the minimum requirements.

At the end of a set period, if you have met the wagering requirements, a certain percentage of your lost deposits will be returned to you.

Checking the Small Print

Something it’s worth remembering is that, just with any online Casino promotion, players should always check the terms and conditions of any online Casino cashback scheme before participating. Every promotion comes with certain conditions attached, but some tend to be more excessive than others, and it’s about making a decision as to whether the reward is worth the requirements dictate in the small print.

The types of conditions you might expect to find in the T&Cs include:

  • A restriction on the types of games that count towards online Casino cashback offers
  • A minimum amount you need to deposit in order to qualify
  • A minimum amount you need to wager in order to qualify
  • A minimum amount you need to lose in order to qualify
  • A set amount that players must have in their account before the online Casino will pay out any cashback rewards

Obviously not every online Casino applies all of these restrictions – far from it, in fact – but many will apply one or two conditions that will need to be adhered to in order to be eligible for the online Casino cashback scheme. The best thing that a player can do is to read the small print and make sure that they are happy with the requirements (a rule that applies not just to online Casino cashback schemes but to every promotion.)

Choosing the Right Online Casino Cashback Scheme:

  • Think About How Much Money You Intend To Wager

Consider your budget and how much money you’ll be wagering each month and compare it to the minimum wagering requirement for participating in the online Casino cashback scheme you’re interested in. If you’re prepared to spend the wagering requirement and you like the online Casino you have chosen then it seems like a good choice.

  • Check How Regularly The Cashback Payouts Occur

Different online Casinos pay out the cashback in different ways, so it’s important to make sure you know exactly when and how you’ll be receiving your cashback. Some online Casinos pay out on a monthly basis, others weekly and others operate differently altogether, perhaps offering cashback when you have spent a certain amount.

  • Find Out If The Scheme Is A One-Off or an Ongoing Promotion

Some online Casinos offer their cashback schemes as part of an ongoing promotion, whereas others are subject to a limited time only. For example, with a limited promotion, you might be able to claim a certain percentage of your losses back over a particular weekend.

It’s important to check at the Casino that you’re interested in whether or not the online Casino cashback scheme will continue to pay out as you spend your money, or if it’s just a one-off promotion designed to lure new players to the site.

Online Casino cashback schemes are not the be all and end all of online Casino gaming. They can be a great way of protecting yourself from crippling losses, but they only reward small Bonuses and won’t contribute massively towards your winnings.

When picking an online Casino you should consider a wide range of factors, including the promotional offers such as cashback schemes, but also focusing on the games, the customer support, the reliability and the payment options.

If you’re not sure which online Casino to choose, check out our Casino reviews page here at for a definitive list of the best Canadian online casinos.