High Limit Online Casinos

High Limit IconHigh Limit online Casinos (or High Roller online Casinos as they are sometimes called) are a very special type of online Casino. You may have stumbled across them whilst browsing for a good Casino, but these High Limit online Casinos are not your run-of-the-mill online Casino brand.

High Limit online Casinos aren’t aimed at the average Joe; they don’t tend to offer free Casino games, budget Slots or instant win games. Instead, these elite online Casinos are the home of the best high stakes table games, designed to attract the big players and high rollers of the online gambling world.

What is the Definition of a High Roller?

A High Roller is an online Casino player that deposits more cash and places higher stakes than a regular online Casino player. The exact specifications will depend on the Casino in question, but High Rollers can range from those depositing $10,000 at a time to those with over $500,000 in their online Casino account.

What’s the Difference between a High Roller and a Whale?

Gambling whales are the absolute apogee of High Rollers. There are probably only around 500 of this rare type of gambler in the world, as these are the players who might well bet up to $1,000,000 or more in one gambling session. These High Rolling players are considered highly desirable by all of the big High Limit online Casinos, who will each try to woo them with virtually any compensation they can afford.

High Rolling Whales are a rare beast at an online Casino and tend to play more often in the land-based Casinos of Monte Carlo and Las Vegas. However, they have been known to check out some of the best High Roller online Casinos from time to time, perhaps when they are away from their favourite land-based Casinos.

Online Casino High Rollers

The most common online Casino High Rollers tend to be the types who bet $5,000 on a hand, as opposed to the $5,000,000 that a Whale might wager. Although it is, of course, possible for online High Rollers to play at any online Casino, if they’re looking to improve the size of their bankroll then choosing a specific online Casino that caters to players with a big budget is crucial.

How to Find a Good High Limit Online Casino

If you’ve had a successful run at an online Casino and you’d like to start playing with the big boys, picking a High Limit Casino that specifically caters to your type of budget is the best way to play. Here are some top tips on picking a great High Limit online Casino and boosting your chances of long-term success:

  • High Roller Welcome Bonuses

One of the first things to look out for when picking a High Limit online Casino is a large Welcome Bonus. This is because it is only those players with the largest stakes who are able to take full advantage of the biggest Welcome Bonuses.

You might find that these large Welcome Bonuses are offered at an exclusive High Roller online Casino, or you might discover a regular online Casino that offers a separate High Roller Bonus.

You might wonder why a High Roller would care about getting the free money of a Welcome Bonus, but in fact it might make more sense to consider that these gamblers have become so successful because they are so frugal with their money. Everyone can benefit from a Welcome Bonus and those with the backing to claim a big Welcome Bonus from a High Limit online Casino are set to benefit the most.

  • Deciding on the Right Casino for You

One handy to way to discover the best High Roller online Casinos is to search for a software developer called Realtime Gaming. RTG software tends to be the provider of gaming products in the online Casinos that offer the biggest Welcome Bonuses and High Limits Casino games.

However, as mentioned before, there are High Roller programmes at many of the best online Casinos, so if you’d rather base your decision on the quality of the games, check out the following Microgaming and Playtech online Casinos that offer special High Roller Bonuses:

Once you start spending around $10,000 when you buy into a Casino game, you’ll begin receiving comps and cashback and making your way up the VIP ladder.

There tends to be a sliding scale of VIP players based on how much you are spending on each game. The top end at most online Casinos in Canada will see players betting up to $10,000 on a single bet. In terms of a VIP programme, the more money you spend, the better the rewards. It’s definitely worth looking for a High Limit online Casino with a great VIP rewards scheme to make sure you’re getting the best value for your money.  

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