How To Find The Right Canadian Casino

When choosing a Canadian online Casino it is important not only to find a good Bonus or a large selection of games, but also to make sure that the Casino meets certain basic criteria.

If you know that basic standards are met, you’ll be able to relax and trust in the knowledge that you and your funds are safe and are being properly looked after. This, in turn, will mean you can focus properly on your games, enjoying yourself more, playing better and standing a bigger chance of winning.

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What Are The Priorities for Canadian Gamblers?

A survey by the Canadian Gaming Association lists the following factors in order of priority for Canadians when choosing an online Casino:

1. Reputation for openness and integrity

2. Regulated by the Canadian government, Provincial government or Lottery Corporation

3. An online Casino that has land-based facilities

4. An online Casino that is traded on a stock exchange

5. Regulated by a non-Canadian government



What Makes a Popular Online Casino?

Thanks to technological advancements and constantly improving internet speeds, an ever-growing number of players from around the world come together to play at some of the most popular online Casinos. The universal nature of the internet means that online Casinos can potentially entertain all sorts of different types of people globally, but to appeal to such a diverse group can be a challenge.

The alternative option for online Casinos is to find a particular niche to appeal to in order to become the most popular online Casino for a particular section of people. For example, many of the best Canadian online Casinos are marketed to particular countries or might claim to be a predominantly online Slots Casino or Poker website in order to attract gamblers of a particular kind.

Ideally, however, Casinos want to appeal to as many players across the world as possible and it is the best Casinos that manage to do this without compromising on quality or services. That is why some of the most popular online Casinos feature a broad range of languages, currencies and support options so as to cater for the wide-ranging market.

In addition to offering the right Casino games, products and services to appeal to a global market, the most popular online Casinos are usually also the ones with a large enough marketing budget that they can advertise to create a global awareness of and interest in the brand. 

Can You Measure Popularity of a Casino?

There are several ways to calculate the popularity of an online Casino. You could look at the number of registered users, the number of active players or even the amount of money that is wagered at the online Casino. With a variety of ways to measure popularity, it can be difficult to compare and definitively decide on which is the most popular online Casino at any one time.

Instead, many people would consider what makes an online Casino successful in order to measure its popularity over time.

What Makes an Online Casino Fail?

One of the main obstacles faced by online Casinos is questions over their legality in different parts of the world. Generally, when online Casinos – even supposedly popular ones – have attempted to operate in countries where they are not allowed, or where their legality is uncertain, they have been very unsuccessful. This shows that for an online Casino to be popular it must do more than offer an appealing service to as many people as possible; it must do all that whilst adhering to the laws of all countries and regions in which it operates.

Another downfall of many one-time popular online Casinos is dishonesty or at the very least a lack of transparency. Players will always be attracted to large Bonuses, but if an online Casino cannot back up a promise or appears unfair in the way it operates games or hands out winnings, players won’t stick around.

What are the Defining Features of a Popular Online Casino?

  • Global Appeal – an online Casino that offers multiple languages for gaming and support and several payment options available in a wide range of currencies is bound to appeal to a large number of players.
  • Large Welcome Bonus – a Welcome Bonus is a great way to attract new players, but as well as being as big as possible the Bonus, and any winnings associated with it, must be easy to claim.
  • Fantastic Range Of Games – although some players might enjoy a particular style of game, others enjoy a good deal of variety. Online Casinos that offer a large selection of all of the best games are most likely to have something for everyone.
  • The Best Online Casino Software – the quality of the games at an online Casino depends on who is making them. The most popular online Casinos tend to offer Casino games that have been created by one of the top software developers, such as Microgaming, Playtech or Net Entertainment.
  • 24/7 Support Team – some of the best online Casinos are the ones that create a gaming environment in which the players feel valued. Offering a 24/7 Support service means that players can resolve any issues they might be facing without delay.
  • Regular Promotions – offering a Welcome Bonus is great for attracting new players, but regular and ongoing promotions are what encourage players to keep coming back for more.

Here at we make sure that all of the online Casinos in Canada that we recommend aren’t just the latest flavour of the week, but that they have the quality products and services required to provide a consistently enjoyable Online Casino experience.

Spin Casino
Spin Casino
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Mansion Casino
Mansion Casino
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Dream Vegas
Dream Vegas
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Royal Vegas Casino
Royal Vegas Casino
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PlayZee Casino
PlayZee Casino
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What Are Real Money Casinos?

Real Money Casinos are changing the way we play games online and, as more countries legalise online gambling, the Real Money Casino is going from strength to strength; with an increasing number of Canadian online Casinos to choose from and a virtually never-ending list of Real Money Casino games to play, it’s important to understand how they work before parting with any money. Here are some key areas to consider before playing at a Real Money Casino:

Expert Tips for Players

  • Why Play at a Real Money Casino?

The main reason for playing at a Real Money Casino is obvious – to win money! Although Casino games can provide hours of entertainment even in their free-play modes, you can only truly experience the biggest thrills of Casino gaming when you sign up and deposit money. There are very few things on this earth that can replicate the excitement and suspense of risking a sum of your own money for the chance to win an enormous Jackpot.

Another reason to play at a Real Money Casino is to receive a Welcome Bonus. Although some online Casinos offer a small Bonus simply for registering, most of the best online Casinos only offer players their best Bonuses when they make their first real money deposit. This can mean thousands of dollars of real money with which new players can try out games and even win the biggest rewards – absolutely free.

  • How to Set Up a Real Money Casino Account

In order to begin playing at a Real Money Casino you’ll need to set up an account, and this is very easy to do.

  1. First off, remember that all legitimate online and mobile Casinos will let you register for free before you deposit any money. This allows you to check out all of the features and games before you spend your cash.
  2. A useful trick is to use a different email address to your main one when you sign up. This stops the Casino from filling your inbox with promotions when you don’t necessarily have time to look at them all. Instead, open a new email address (there are tons of free options available online such as Google, Yahoo and Hotmail) and check out the latest promos as and when you have time.
  3. Use your real information. This is crucial for two reasons: firstly it will be nearly impossible to make deposits if your name doesn’t match the name on your payment method or credit card; and secondly, many of the most reputable online Casinos will require verification of your ID, so your name will need to match that, too.
  4. With that in mind, signing up takes very little time and you can be sure to have a safe and secure Real Money Casino experience.
  • How to Make a Deposit at an Online Casino

Making your first deposit can be a little bit daunting at first, but it needn’t be! Once you’ve registered at a Real Money Casino and decided you like what you see, you’re ready to make a deposit and claim the fantastic Welcome Bonus.

There are lots of different deposit options to choose from and this can be where a little bit of research can come in handy. You’ll need to decide whether you want to simply use a credit or debit card, or subscribe to a third party secure service that acts as an intermediary between your bank and the Real Money Casino.

Debit and credit cards are the easiest deposit methods but some Casino players prefer not to give their bank details directly to the Casino; this is where web wallets come in. Using a web wallet such as Neteller and Skrill means that you can deposit money to your online webwallet and transfer it from there to the Casino. The Casino never need know your banking or credit card details.

  • Is Real Money Online Gambling Legal?

Real Money online gambling varies from country to country but for the most part is legal or allowed via a legal loophole. Although the United States does not allow online gambling it is increasingly becoming legalised in various states, meaning that U.S. Real Money online Casinos are becoming increasingly prevalent.

To date no player has been in breach of the law for accessing a Real Money online Casino, as the responsibility lies with the Casino operators not to process payments from jurisdictions where online gambling is illegal.

Although Real Money online gambling is illegal in some places, governments around the world are beginning to come around to the benefits of allowing online Casinos to operate within their borders.

Ultimately the only risk to players who choose to use Real Money Casinos that are not legal in their country is that they may lose the money in their account if it is closed down.

  • What to Look Out For: The Risks of Real Money Casinos

When choosing a Real Money Casino it is important to be aware of the risks before you deposit any money. Here are a few things you should look out for when you are picking an online Casino:

  1. Slow Payments – One key area to check before you sign up to a Real money Casino is how quickly or slowly you will be able to withdraw your winnings. Some online Casinos are keen to accept your deposits very swiftly so that you can begin playing, but take their time when it comes to paying it back out again. Payout speeds can depend on a lot of different issues, including the country you live in, the bank you use and the payment method you are using. If you live in a country where Real Money online gambling is legal then it should not take longer than 48-72 hours to process a payment – be sure to check the reputation of the online Casino before you sign up.
  2. Cash Out Restrictions – Some Real Money Casinos will limit the amount of money you can take out in one go, so that even if you hit a big Jackpot you can only withdraw a certain amount of money each week. Although this isn’t necessarily a problem it is certainly something to consider and check in the terms and conditions when you are choosing an online Casino.
  3. Bonus Requirements – Bonuses at online Casinos can be a big draw, but often nowadays they appear too good to be true; and, in some cases, this is because they are. Although the Welcome Bonus may be credited to your account, as promised, there will be some wagering requirements attached. Some Real Money Casinos will have a very fair requirement, such as a 2 or 3 times wagering requirement for their Bonus before they can claim their winnings. However, many others will have a small clause that means players will be required to wager their deposit and Bonus 20 to 30 times over before they can withdraw any of the winnings. This can, in some cases, result in hundreds of thousands of dollars.

In order to avoid taking any unnecessary risks we advise players to check our reviews and recommendations for the best Real Money Casinos, and to always read the fine print so that they know exactly what they are signing up to.


How to Become an Online Casino VIP Player

VIP Players

All good online Casinos offer VIP Programs to ensure that the big spenders and high rollers are kept happy. Online Casinos all try to attract the players with the biggest bankroll and the best way to do this is to offer a comprehensive VIP rewards scheme. VIP player rewards aren’t just your average loyalty schemes, however; they’re much, much more…

Online Casino VIPs are the big spenders at an online Casino; the best way to be acknowledged as a VIP is to start spending more money on a consistent basis. This isn’t for everyone, as no matter how good you are at the Casino games you choose to play, everyone can have a bad day. Therefore if you wish to become an online Casino VIP you’ll need to have a pretty big bankroll to bail yourself out of a losing streak.

If we’re talking figures, most online Casinos would expect high rollers to be depositing around CA$10,000 at a time. On top of this, you’ll need to be wagering this money to start collecting your player points. The larger and more frequent the bets, the faster you’ll rack up a nice amount of player points. The great thing about earning points this way is that it doesn’t matter if you win or lose – you just need to play!

Once you’ve been acknowledged as a VIP at one online Casino, that’s often the hard work out of the way, as other online Casinos will recognise your status and offer you similar perks to attract you to another site instead.

Are There Casino VIP Program Benefits?

There are plenty of benefits to playing at an online Casino as a VIP player. As a VIP you’ll receive treatment that most players could only ever dream of and the more money you spend at the online Casino, the better the rewards.

Online Casino VIP player benefits include faster payouts, personalised gifts, huge cash back rewards and even VIP events and trips. Ultimately it depends on the online Casino you’re playing at as to treatment that the VIPs will receive; however all of the best Casinos will try to outdo one another in the perks offered to VIP players, so you can be fairly certain that they will only continue to get bigger and better.

Is it Worth Being an Online Casino VIP?

Although the benefits offered to Online Casino VIP players seem pretty sweet, not everyone has what it takes to be a VIP and you’ll need to seriously consider whether or not you’ve got what it takes. Ultimately online Casinos are running a business, so they are assuming that you will spend more money that you’ll win. Of course, some lucky players win more than they lose, but on average the Casino will come out on top. This means that if you’re looking to be a VIP player you’ll need to remember that online Casino gambling is still a form of entertainment and, even for many high rollers, a hobby, not a profession.

Best Online Casinos for VIP Players

It’s hard to compare the VIP programs of different online Casinos as many of the real benefits are immeasurable, such as the time and personal care given to each VIP. Here at we’ve put a lot of time into working out which Canadian online Casinos take the best care of their players, both the high rollers and the regular gamblers. All of our recommended online Casinos offer fantastic loyalty schemes for regular players and VIP programs for high rollers so, not matter the size of your budget, you can be sure to have a great online Casino experience.

What Are High Limit Online Casinos?

High Limit IconHigh Limit online Casinos (or High Roller online Casinos as they are sometimes called) are a very special type of online Casino. You may have stumbled across them whilst browsing for a good Casino, but these High Limit online Casinos are not your run-of-the-mill online Casino brand.

High Limit online Casinos aren’t aimed at the average Joe; they don’t tend to offer free Casino games, budget Slots or instant win games. Instead, these elite online Casinos are the home of the best high stakes table games, designed to attract the big players and high rollers of the online gambling world.

  • What is the Definition of a High Roller?

A High Roller is an online Casino player that deposits more cash and places higher stakes than a regular online Casino player. The exact specifications will depend on the Casino in question, but High Rollers can range from those depositing $10,000 at a time to those with over $500,000 in their online Casino account.

  • What’s the Difference between a High Roller and a Whale?

Gambling whales are the absolute apogee of High Rollers. There are probably only around 500 of this rare type of gambler in the world, as these are the players who might well bet up to $1,000,000 or more in one gambling session. These High Rolling players are considered highly desirable by all of the big High Limit online Casinos, who will each try to woo them with virtually any compensation they can afford.

High Rolling Whales are a rare beast at an online Casino and tend to play more often in the land-based Casinos of Monte Carlo and Las Vegas. However, they have been known to check out some of the best High Roller online Casinos from time to time, perhaps when they are away from their favourite land-based Casinos.

  • Online Casino High Rollers

The most common online Casino High Rollers tend to be the types who bet $5,000 on a hand, as opposed to the $5,000,000 that a Whale might wager. Although it is, of course, possible for online High Rollers to play at any online Casino, if they’re looking to improve the size of their bankroll then choosing a specific online Casino that caters to players with a big budget is crucial.

  • How to Find a Good High Limit Online Casino

If you’ve had a successful run at an online Casino and you’d like to start playing with the big boys, picking a High Limit Casino that specifically caters to your type of budget is the best way to play. Here are some top tips on picking a great High Limit online Casino and boosting your chances of long-term success:

  • High Roller Welcome Bonuses

One of the first things to look out for when picking a High Limit online Casino is a large Welcome Bonus. This is because it is only those players with the largest stakes who are able to take full advantage of the biggest Welcome Bonuses.

You might find that these large Welcome Bonuses are offered at an exclusive High Roller online Casino, or you might discover a regular online Casino that offers a separate High Roller Bonus.

You might wonder why a High Roller would care about getting the free money of a Welcome Bonus, but in fact it might make more sense to consider that these gamblers have become so successful because they are so frugal with their money. Everyone can benefit from a Welcome Bonus and those with the backing to claim a big Welcome Bonus from a High Limit online Casino are set to benefit the most.

  • Deciding on the Right Casino for You

One handy to way to discover the best High Roller online Casinos is to search for a software developer called Realtime Gaming. RTG software tends to be the provider of gaming products in the online Casinos that offer the biggest Welcome Bonuses and High Limits Casino games.

However, as mentioned before, there are High Roller programmes at many of the best online Casinos, so if you’d rather base your decision on the quality of the games, check out the following Microgaming and Playtech online Casinos that offer special High Roller Bonuses:

Once you start spending around $10,000 when you buy into a Casino game, you’ll begin receiving comps and cashback and making your way up the VIP ladder.

There tends to be a sliding scale of VIP players based on how much you are spending on each game. The top end at most online Casinos in Canada will see players betting up to $10,000 on a single bet. In terms of a VIP programme, the more money you spend, the better the rewards. It’s definitely worth looking for a High Limit online Casino with a great VIP rewards scheme to make sure you’re getting the best value for your money.  


Are There Benefits Playing at a New Casino?

Thanks to just how popular the practice of playing real money games on the Internet is these days, new online casinos are constantly popping up. It is a question of supply meeting demand, and there seems to be no end to new online casinos making great offers in an attempt to get you to sign up and enjoy their offerings.

While this is great news for you in terms of the game selection, welcome offers, on going promotions and overall choice it affords you when it comes to where next to enjoy the latest game release from the world’s finest casino game developers, it does also have some drawbacks. The fact of the matter is that online identity theft and fraud is an ever-present danger, and new online casinos don’t always have a good player history to recommend them.

Luckily, is here to help you out. We rate and review the new online casinos that welcome Canadian players, and are able to ensure that your privacy is always a priority, that the games you will be playing are fair and impartial, and that the winnings you rack up as you enjoy slots, blackjack, and all the other great real money options will be paid out promptly.

Why Spend Time at New Online Casinos?

Since the launch of the first online casino in 1994, the Internet gambling industry has continued an extraordinary growth and general advancement. The amount of new online casinos available to players from Canada today has reached exceptional heights, and there are hundreds and hundreds of choices available for you to make your selection from.

New online casinos are constantly being launched, and are a good idea for you to check out because each one will have its very own special features and functions designed with the express intention of making it worth your while to spend some time at.

Thanks to how fierce the competition between new online casinos and those that have longstanding reputations to recommend them has become, the offers made available to players keep getting better and better, and is here to make sure you keep your finger on the pulse of these, and are able to take advantage of them as they become available.

The Best New Online Casinos for Canadian Players

The team of reviewers at are able to help you find the most excellent new online casinos to play at. We look at the particular advantages that these virtual venues offer Canadian players before adding them to the list of online casinos we feel good about recommending, and take a number of different factors into account before doing so.

These include the availability of toll-free support numbers by which you will be able to get the help you need should you run into any obstacles during your online play, the size of the welcome bonuses and the details of the terms and conditions attached to these, the free spins provided for the slots games on offer, the speed of the payouts that you can expect when you wish to withdraw your winnings, and the range of Canadian-friendly banking options which the new online casinos are able to offer you the chance to make use of.

Promotions, jackpots, and game variety are also considered, and we make sure that every time you go online you will have a first-rate experience, no matter what the actual outcome for the particular game you are enjoying may end up being.

Canadian Casino Game Players Enjoy Spending Time Online

The fact of the matter is that we are becoming more and more reliant on the Internet every day, and make use of it to accomplish all manner of tasks these days. We communicate with our family and friends by means of instant messages, video calls, and the many social networks in operation, and accomplish a large part of our work duties by means of it as well. Emails and conference calls are a part of the everyday life of the majority of Canadians, and entertainment is no different.

There is no difference between the real money games that you may have been enjoying at land-based casinos and those that are now an option for you via your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer, and the benefits to online gambling are many. No costly commutes are required, and the safety and security which you will be enjoying when you stick to the places to play recommended by us here at is complete.

Thanks to the fact that online casinos are not placed under any of the size-limitations that brick-and-mortar casinos are prey to, the game selection is almost limitless -start having fun at one of the many new online casinos we recommend right now!

What Questions to Ask Before Making a Deposit

  • Is the Casino Licensed?

This is a really important step to finding a good online Casino. Make sure that you choose a Casino that is fully licensed by a proper regulatory authority. All of the casinos that we recommend are properly licensed, but if you ever decide to try one that isn’t listed with us make sure you check this out before putting any money down. It should be easy enough to see if a Casino has a license as it will proudly display it if it does. If this isn’t the case, approach the casino in question with extreme caution.

  • Where is the Casino Licensed?

There are only a limited number of jurisdictions which grant licenses to online gambling establishments so a legitimate online Casino will be registered in one of these recognised jurisdictions:

  • Alderny
  • Antigua and Barbuda
  • Costa Rica
  • Gibraltar
  • Isle of Man
  • Kahnawake
  • Malta
  • Netherlands Antilles
  • Panama
  • UL
  • Vanuatu
  • What are the Payouts?

A good online Casino will have good payout rates which are regularly scrutinised and audited by an independent authority. This audit ensures that the win percentages are in line with those stated by the online Casino and should reassure players that the games are fair. A good average payout rate for an online Casino is around 95%-97%. eCOGRA is a widely recognised authority on fair and responsible gaming. Authorities such as eCOGRA are also independent, so it’s great to see their certification alongside the licensing and regulatory information. It’s more assurance that your prospective casino is ethical, and is not in the pocket of any organisation.

  • Is the Software of High Quality?

Most online Casinos purchase or lease their gaming software from one or more specialist developers. It is the software which controls the fairness of the games, as well as the quality of the sound and the graphics. Choosing an online Casino with software developed by a first-rate provider will ensure quality gameplay. Online Casinos powered by Microgaming or Playtech will always be your safest bet. You might also find that you prefer the way that certain software platforms design online and mobile casino lobbies. Since you need the interface to make sense to you and to be smoothly navigable, this is not something that should not be ignored. 

  • What are the Banking Options Like? 

You need to know that the transaction systems you choose when you play online are completely trustworthy, and that they run smoothly. That way, you won’t need to feel stressed and distracted by them and you won’t have to spend too much time setting them up or dealing with them. You’ll be free in every way to focus on your gameplay. Choose a casino that has banking options that are safe and simple for you to choose. You should also make sure that all transfers are protected with up-to-date SSL encryption, the gold standard for online banking security.

  • How are the Players Looked After?

The support offered by an online Casino can be the deciding factor in choosing an online Casino as it can make or break your experience. Some important features you may want to consider are the ways in which you can contact the support team and whether or not they are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Most good online Casinos provide a Live Chat function which is a very quick and easy method for resolving any player issues. The best Casinos also reward players for their loyalty, with special VIP gifts, such as holidays or cruises, reserved for the top players. Gambling Insider is constantly reviewing its list of the best Canadian online casinos, so when you’re choosing where to play, this website is a great place to start. Below is a list of the top 8 Casinos at the time of writing this guide; although these online Casinos provide a consistent, first-rate gaming experience, it is worth checking the website ( for the most up-to-date rankings.



Our Recommended Fastest Cash-Out Online Casinos

One of the most frustrating issues many online Casino players are faced with nowadays is not being able to access their winnings for several days or, in some cases, weeks. Although this isn’t necessarily a problem for everybody, many players prefer an online Casino that cashes out as quickly as possible. Here are some tips to finding the fastest cash-out online Casinos.

One of the areas we look at when reviewing and recommending online Casinos here at is deposit and cash-out times. All of our recommended sites, therefore, meet the following minimum requirements when it comes to online banking:

  • Several fast, trustworthy and easy-to-use deposit and withdrawal options
  • A reputation for secure banking transactions, making sure that your personal and financial details are protected using state-of-the-art encryption technology.
  • Customer support, available when you need it, to help with any issues you might face.

Luckily, many good online Casinos nowadays have been working on speeding up the length of time it takes for players to withdraw their winnings; unsurprisingly, this seems to have had a positive impact on the number of players joining and staying at those sites.

Although most online Casinos will require some form of ID verification before players can make their initial withdrawal, subsequent cash-outs needn’t take so long. Thanks to technological advancements in the past year or so, some of the fastest cash-out online Casinos are now offering withdrawals in under ten minutes. The bar has been set high, but in order to make sure that players have the best experience possible, many online Casinos are beginning to follow suit, competing for the  title of the fastest cash-out online Casino.

Fastest Cash-Out Online Casinos FAQ

  • Can I Cash out my Bonus Straight Away?

No online Casino will let you cash out your Bonus straight away, as part of the condition of receiving free Casino Bonuses and credits is that you must play them through a certain number of times. Even if a Casino promises fast cash-outs, ultimately this only applies to winnings that are yours. When it comes to Bonuses, cashing out can be a little bit more complicated so it’s always worth checking the terms and conditions for wagering requirements before you start playing.

  • Does a High Payout Percentage Mean Fast Cash-Outs?

Although the best Canadian online Casinos will try to offer you both fast cash-outs and a good payout percentage, the two are not necessarily linked. Just because an online Casino offers a 98% Payout Percentage, for example, that doesn’t automatically mean you’ll receive your cash quickly, and vice versa.

  • Can I Pay Money to Receive Faster Cash-Outs?

Some online Casinos will charge you a premium in order to make faster withdrawals. Others may promise faster cash-out speeds for their high rollers. All this proves is that faster cash-outs are possible, so look for an online Casino that will allow you to withdraw your winnings quickly without having to pay any extra cash. All of our top recommended online Casinos guarantee fast transfer speeds and secure withdrawals.

  • Why do Some Online Casinos Offer More Withdrawal Options than Others?

The most important thing is to look for an online Casino that offers the payment method that you are happy with. You only ever need to use one, so as long as it offers that one, you’re fine! Some Canadian online Casinos offer more as a way to make sure that every player can find the banking option that they are looking for, however to most players this is irrelevant. Think of it as quality over quantity and, if you’re not sure about the best deposit and withdrawal methods, check out our payment method reviews here at

  • Which Banking Options have the Fastest Cash-Outs?

Some online Casinos will offer faster cash-out speeds for using particular banking options. Generally using a webwallet such as Skrill, Neteller and Ukash will be the fastest, whereas credit cards and bank wires may take a little longer.