When to Play and Not to Play Casino Games?

Gambling Addiction 

Casinos can be incredibly fun but gambling addiction is no laughing matter. Although only a small percentage of Canadians suffer from compulsive gambling, that doesn’t mean that you can’t develop a problem, so always use your common sense and engage with your actions. If you think you may have a problem then there are many organisations across Canada which can help you. Visit the following website for advice on where to seek help: http://www.problemgambling.ca/en/websitelinks/pages/canadianresources.aspx

Before you Play

You should never gamble more than you can afford to lose. If you’re not sure if you should be gambling, there is a simple test you can take to help you decide. It’s not a definitive assessment but a simple guide that might be worth considering. Look at the following three statements and reflect on which is applicable to you:

(1) I have paid the rent and have money I can afford to lose.

(2) I can either pay the rent or I can have a bet.

(3) In order to pay the rent I need a winning bet.

If your answer is (1) then your attitude to gambling sounds healthy and harmless.

If your answer is (2) then you need to consider your priorities and wait until you have paid the rent and you have some expendable cash.

If your answer is (3) then you may have a problem.

Gambling is not a reliable way to fund you lifestyle and should never be depended upon as a source of income.  

It’s easier said than done: quit whilst you’re ahead

Knowing when to stop

Got That Winning Feeling? 

A winning streak makes you feel invincible but sensible playing means that you know when to cut your losses. When you’re on a good run it’s tempting to keep playing as you feel like you can’t go wrong. However, whether it’s greed, competitiveness or pure exhilaration that is driving you, stopping before it’s too late means that you can leave with your head held high and a tidy sum in your pocket.