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Real Money Casinos are changing the way we play games online and, as more countries legalise online gambling, the Real Money Casino is going from strength to strength; with an increasing number of Canadian online Casinos to choose from and a virtually never-ending list of Real Money Casino games to play, it’s important to understand how they work before parting with any money. Here are some key areas to consider before playing at a Real Money Casino:

Expert Tips for Players

  • Why Play at a Real Money Casino?

The main reason for playing at a Real Money Casino is obvious – to win money! Although Casino games can provide hours of entertainment even in their free-play modes, you can only truly experience the biggest thrills of Casino gaming when you sign up and deposit money. There are very few things on this earth that can replicate the excitement and suspense of risking a sum of your own money for the chance to win an enormous Jackpot.

Another reason to play at a Real Money Casino is to receive a Welcome Bonus. Although some online Casinos offer a small Bonus simply for registering, most of the best online Casinos only offer players their best Bonuses when they make their first real money deposit. This can mean thousands of dollars of real money with which new players can try out games and even win the biggest rewards – absolutely free.

  • How to Set Up a Real Money Casino Account

In order to begin playing at a Real Money Casino you’ll need to set up an account, and this is very easy to do.

  1. First off, remember that all legitimate online and mobile Casinos will let you register for free before you deposit any money. This allows you to check out all of the features and games before you spend your cash.
  2. A useful trick is to use a different email address to your main one when you sign up. This stops the Casino from filling your inbox with promotions when you don’t necessarily have time to look at them all. Instead, open a new email address (there are tons of free options available online such as Google, Yahoo and Hotmail) and check out the latest promos as and when you have time.
  3. Use your real information. This is crucial for two reasons: firstly it will be nearly impossible to make deposits if your name doesn’t match the name on your payment method or credit card; and secondly, many of the most reputable online Casinos will require verification of your ID, so your name will need to match that, too.
  4. With that in mind, signing up takes very little time and you can be sure to have a safe and secure Real Money Casino experience.
  • How to Make a Deposit at an Online Casino

Making your first deposit can be a little bit daunting at first, but it needn’t be! Once you’ve registered at a Real Money Casino and decided you like what you see, you’re ready to make a deposit and claim the fantastic Welcome Bonus.

There are lots of different deposit options to choose from and this can be where a little bit of research can come in handy. You’ll need to decide whether you want to simply use a credit or debit card, or subscribe to a third party secure service that acts as an intermediary between your bank and the Real Money Casino.

Debit and credit cards are the easiest deposit methods but some Casino players prefer not to give their bank details directly to the Casino; this is where web wallets come in. Using a web wallet such as Neteller and Skrill means that you can deposit money to your online webwallet and transfer it from there to the Casino. The Casino never need know your banking or credit card details.

  • Is Real Money Online Gambling Legal?

Real Money online gambling varies from country to country but for the most part is legal or allowed via a legal loophole. Although the United States does not allow online gambling it is increasingly becoming legalised in various states, meaning that U.S. Real Money online Casinos are becoming increasingly prevalent.

To date no player has been in breach of the law for accessing a Real Money online Casino, as the responsibility lies with the Casino operators not to process payments from jurisdictions where online gambling is illegal.

Although Real Money online gambling is illegal in some places, governments around the world are beginning to come around to the benefits of allowing online Casinos to operate within their borders.

Ultimately the only risk to players who choose to use Real Money Casinos that are not legal in their country is that they may lose the money in their account if it is closed down.

  • What to Look Out For: The Risks of Real Money Casinos

When choosing a Real Money Casino it is important to be aware of the risks before you deposit any money. Here are a few things you should look out for when you are picking an online Casino:

  1. Slow Payments – One key area to check before you sign up to a Real money Casino is how quickly or slowly you will be able to withdraw your winnings. Some online Casinos are keen to accept your deposits very swiftly so that you can begin playing, but take their time when it comes to paying it back out again. Payout speeds can depend on a lot of different issues, including the country you live in, the bank you use and the payment method you are using. If you live in a country where Real Money online gambling is legal then it should not take longer than 48-72 hours to process a payment – be sure to check the reputation of the online Casino before you sign up.
  2. Cash Out Restrictions – Some Real Money Casinos will limit the amount of money you can take out in one go, so that even if you hit a big Jackpot you can only withdraw a certain amount of money each week. Although this isn’t necessarily a problem it is certainly something to consider and check in the terms and conditions when you are choosing an online Casino.
  3. Bonus Requirements – Bonuses at online Casinos can be a big draw, but often nowadays they appear too good to be true; and, in some cases, this is because they are. Although the Welcome Bonus may be credited to your account, as promised, there will be some wagering requirements attached. Some Real Money Casinos will have a very fair requirement, such as a 2 or 3 times wagering requirement for their Bonus before they can claim their winnings. However, many others will have a small clause that means players will be required to wager their deposit and Bonus 20 to 30 times over before they can withdraw any of the winnings. This can, in some cases, result in hundreds of thousands of dollars.

In order to avoid taking any unnecessary risks we advise players to check our reviews and recommendations for the best Real Money Casinos, and to always read the fine print so that they know exactly what they are signing up to.

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