Online Roulette Strategy

Roulette Strategy The web is full of thousands of articles about how to play roulette, how to win at roulette and, ultimately, how to find the best roulette strategy that will get you there. Now, we’re not saying that our advice is fool-proof, but the tips you’ll find in this review are sure to stand out from the rest, as we explore in-depth topics that provide solid advice on upping your game. How? By uncovering the best-kept secrets you need to make your next roulette bet transform into an instant payout. Let’s get started by taking a look at the basics behind online roulette bets before delving deeper into the role your croupier plays, how to refine your strategy and how to get that top roulette payout you’ve been dreaming of.

Online Roulette Bets

Before you even start stacking up chips on the table, you’ll need to know how to make an informed bet. Online roulette bets work exactly the same way as land-based roulette bets do. You’ll be able to bet on whether the ball will:

  • Land on a specific number from 0 – 36 in the case of a European roulette wheel or table (or from 00 – 36 on an American roulette table) – these bets are known as ‘inside bets’.
  • Land on an odd or even number – these are known as ‘outside bets’.
  • Land in a black or red pocket once the wheel has stopped spinning – as above, also known as ‘outside bets’.

Now that you know what you can bet on, it’s important to also remember to take roulette odds into consideration before putting down any cold, hard cash. While outside bets have an equal chance of winning, the same can’t be said for single number inside bets. The odds of winning on these are 37:1 with European roulette, and 38:1 in with American roulette. Knowing this, you might immediately be drawn to the idea of placing outside bets only – but that takes the fun out of the game. The real thrills lie in taking more of a chance by placing inside bets. And, the fewer bets you make, the higher your payouts will be.

European Roulette

This is by far the most popular version of the game for one simple reason: the odds are more in your favour when you spin a European roulette wheel. Why? Because there is one less number to worry about. This means that every time the croupier (or virtual croupier in the case of online play) spins the wheel, your predicted outcome is more likely to be correct.

American Roulette

The less popular version of the game, due to the extra number and subsequently diminished odds of winning, American roulette is still enjoyed by a number of players around the world. You could look at it like the print vs digital debate: digital is a far more popular means of obtaining information (hey, you’re reading this online, aren’t you?), but there are still millions of books, magazines and other printed items in circulation that people pay good money for. This can be applied to the American roulette table: it might not be the most used, but it will certainly never go out of style.

Roulette Systems

Here’s where things get interesting. There’s always a debate around whether betting strategies work. In the case of players who are trying to understand how to play roulette (and win, at that), strategy will inevitably work its way into the conversation. From the Magic 8 System, to the Martingale Strategy, Fibonacci Strategy and D’Alembert Strategy, all we can say is that you’d better have a knack for numbers and lots of time to put them to the test. As for how well these roulette betting systems work…the proof is in the pudding. Some players swear by it, while others think it’s a complete load of hogwash. It helps to keep an open mind, and honestly, there is no harm in trying any of the roulette systems mentioned above for yourself before making any judgements. After all, what have you got to lose? 

Understanding the Roulette Wheel Number Sequence

If you’ve never laid eyes on a roulette wheel before, you’d probably assume that the number sequence layout follows numerical order, but this isn’t the case. Instead, numbers lie on opposite ends of the wheel. For example, 0 will mirror 00, 33 will mirror 34 and so forth. Also, colours will mirror each other, meaning that black 33 will be mirrored by red 34 and so forth.

You’ll find that the American roulette wheel is more balanced than the European one, which is due to the even number of pockets it has. 

Parting Thoughts

After reading through this guide, you should have some insights as to how to play roulette online, and be more confident in your betting skills. As mentioned, you could fill thousands of books with information on how to perfect your roulette game, so our advice to you would simply be to learn the ins and outs of inside and outside bets, familiarise yourself with a few different roulette strategies before trying them out, and above all, to just have a good time.

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