Types of Payment Methods

Credit and Debit CardsCredit and Debit Card

Credit and debit card transactions are a quick and easy way to deposit and withdraw money online. They are also extremely safe, providing that the Casino has a privacy policy protecting your details from being used for any other purposes. Reputable Casinos will always explain how they go about protecting your details, and they are legally bound to abide by this agreement. Some players will find that if their credit or debit card is from an American financial institution it might be rejected. This is because it is illegal for financial institutions in the U.S. to be involved with gambling-related transactions. This will not necessarily prevent all transactions on such credit cards, but it might result in some transactions being flagged up and consequentially rejected. As American Gambling Laws are changing, however, it is likely that this will become less of a problem.


Security IconElectronic Wallet (e-wallet, webwallet)

The Electronic Wallet is becoming an increasingly popular method for conducting banking transactions at online Casinos. An Electronic Wallet allows you to deposit money into an online account, specifically created for online banking transactions, using your credit card, debit card or by direct debit. Once funds have been placed into your e-wallet it is simple to use your new account to deposit money at an online Casino. It’s also very quick and easy to withdraw money from your e-wallet. One of the benefits of using an e-wallet is that you’re not revealing your personal details or bank and credit card details to any third party, as this information will remain between you and the e-wallet provider. It’s quite likely that you’ll be able to use the same e-wallet provider for multiple online Casinos or other online financial transactions, so finding one that you like can be extremely handy.


transfer_right_leftDirect Transfer

Directly transferring money from your bank account to the online Casino is a great way to make a deposit if you don’t want to share your personal details. You can usually action this via online banking, telephone banking or in person, so it’s certainly a flexible method. The time taken and cost of the method depends entirely on your bank, but for some people it’s the best option as it is completely secure.



Helpful Tips for Online Banking

  1. Set up a maximum deposit limit
    If you choose to pay using your debit card, you will be able to set up a daily deposit limit for yourself. This will give you a distinct advantage in that you won’t be able to spend more money than you can afford, as once you’ve reached your limit you’ll only be able to continue gambling with any money you have won.

  2. Cash out frequently
    It’s always better to be safe than sorry. If you’re on a winning streak it can be a wise move to cash out small amounts as you go along. That way, if your luck turns, you won’t be tempted to reinvest your winnings as you’ll already have taken them out of the equation; you can leave with money in the bank and a smile on your face.
  3. Look for special deals 
    Sometimes online Casino Games will have special promotional offers that increase the profitability for players. There are also bonuses designed to boost your bank balance or offer you free spins/credits when you participate in a particular game. All of these are great ways to help make your money go further.