Five Popular Casinos In Atlantic City

Atlantic City

Lillie Mcguire
Posted on January 14, 2013 at 12:01pm

Many people only think of Las Vegas when it comes to casinos without realizing that there are casinos in at least half of the states in the U.S. One of these areas is Atlantic City, New Jersey. Sometimes, this beautiful beach side and boardwalk community is called "America's Playground". Atlantic City casinos offer most of the famous amenities offered by Las Vegas casinos.  

1. Borgata Casino

borgata-casinoBorgata Casino is one of the newest, brightest and cleanest casinos in Atlantic City and it comes in first place in the popularity list of Atlantic City casinos. Built in 2003, customers regularly say that service is excellent and rooms are spotless. The restaurants at Borgata include the famous Wolfgang Puck American Grill and Bobby Flay's Steak restaurant. Gamblers love the highly rated slot machines at Borgata and new cutting-edge technology slots are constantly being added. Borgata has also earned a reputation of catering to players of table games. Players like this because many casinos are oriented towards slot machine players.

2. Harrah's Casino

Harrahs-CasinoHarrah's in Atlantic City is second on the list of popular Atlantic City casinos. Harrah's is in Atlantic City's famous marina district. They have recently renovated their poker room and added new slot machines as well as table games. Waterfront Tower is one of the best known attractions, and it features an amazing light display that overlooks the pool. The lights from Waterfront Tower can be seen for miles. The pool is one of the most popular attractions at Harrah's and during the day it is a peaceful retreat. At night, the pool area transforms into a happening night club.  

3. Caesar's Palace Casino

caesars-palace-atlantic-cityThird on the list is Caesars Palace. With a design reminiscent of Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas, this Greek-themed casino features a shopping area three stories high that extends out on a pier over the ocean. It is considered to be both a gamblers and a shoppers paradise. There are plenty of slot machines to keep punters busy, excellent and challenging table games and a race-book that is often called one of the best in Atlantic City. Caesar's Palace has been a favorite of both locals and visitors for many years.

4. Tropicana Casino

tropicana-casinoTropicana in Atlantic City comes in fourth on the popularity list. The bars and restaurants there are often raved about. The casino is huge and gamblers say a person cannot miss Tropicana casino on a visit to Atlantic City. With exciting live entertainment and easy boardwalk access, gamblers, guests and locals love the very lively and vibrant atmosphere of the Tropicana.  

5. Trump Taj M​ahal Casino

trump-taj-mahal-casinoTrump Taj Mahal has to be included on any top five list of Atlantic City casinos. The Taj Mahal is where the movie "Rounders" was filmed. It is considered to be a must stop for those who love poker. Professionals are often found here mixed with those who are still learning the game. Table games and slots are popular at the Taj Mahal, and new restaurants also entice visitors to check out the Trump Taj Mahal.