CA$50 Million Lottery Jackpot Winner Found

Canadian Lotto

Lillie Mcguire
Posted on December 10, 2013 at 12:12pm

In late 2012 the lottery numbers came up for one lucky player who purchased their ticket in Cambridge, Ontario. This person became an overnight millionaire – to the tune of CA$50 million – or, at least, they should have. Over one year went by and the massive Jackpot prize still lay unclaimed, making it likely to become the largest ever forfeited win in Canadian lottery history.

The Canadian lottery, Lotto Max, follows a strict rulebook that dictates any Jackpot prize can be claimed up to one whole year after the draw has been made. After this time the prize is forfeited. The mystery winner had until 2nd December 2013 to claim his or her prize, which came and went The OLG, the body in charge of distributing the lottery Jackpot in Ontario, went against usual protocol to try to locate the winner of the giant Jackpot. It took 17 investigators sifting through hundreds of false claims to discover the winner. Some false claimants declared that they had lost their ticket but suspected they might have won, whilst others produced tickets that did not match the one drawn.

The real winner was eventually discovered based on a video tape that shows the time and date that the ticket was purchased. It is not sure how the OLG discovered the identity of the mystery woman without any privacy rules being broken, but once they tracked her down they had to make sure that she definitely was the right winner. The winner, whose identity is now known to be that of a Mrs Jones, wasn't able to produce her winning ticket, meaning that more digging had to be done. The investigators, led by a veteran police officer, asked questions about her lottery habits, without revealing why the true reason they were asking. It took eight more meetings and some examining of Mrs Jones’ credit card statements before they announced that she was the official winner of the CA$50 million Lotto Max Jackpot. Mrs Jones is very grateful to the OLG for tracking her down as they truly did go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that she received her Jackpot.

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