Are Live Casinos the Future of Online Gambling?

Live Dealer Casinos

Lillie Mcguire
Posted on March 13, 2017 at 12:03pm

Live Dealer games have been big news in the online casino world for a while now, creating immersive, engaging experiences that are irresistible to many players. Unlike traditional non-live casino games, the Live Dealer versions use trained dealers and real-life equipment rather than Random Number Generation, graphics and animations. The action is streamed direct to you in real time at video quality, so all you need is a reliable Internet connection and you’ll be transported to a simulated land based casino environment online. Live Casinos have become more and more commonplace, and almost all leading online casinos offer these games in one form or another. As online operators and software developers try to stay relevant in this cutthroat industry, many believe that the future of online gaming are Live Casinos, especially now that these games are moving to mobile.

Moving to Mobile

While online Live Casino games are gathering momentum, the mobile space has also opened up a world of opportunity for developers and players. Putting Live Dealer casinos into a mobile space is a lot more than simply cutting and pasting from a larger screen. The design needs to work consistently across all devices that a player might use, taking into account that all operating systems, browsers and connection speeds must be properly synchronised across all devices. With mobile moving into the world of headsets and the Virtual and Augmented Reality possibilities that this opens up, it is more important now than ever before that developers stay in touch with their target players. Mobile evolution moves at a far greater pace than online evolution ever has, and communication and constant, sensitive and responsive product design is the best way forward. This is true for Live Dealer casinos and true for everything else, including non-live casino games and other apps.

The Upside of Live Casino Games

The biggest perk of playing a Live Dealer game over a non-live game, or one that sees its results determined by an RNG, is that the live games are much more immersive and authentic. This is especially true on mobile devices of today, as their sensitive touchscreens are more engaging than traditional mouse and screen setups, and those of tomorrow with impressive Augmented and Virtual Reality displays. It is also often more sociable to play a live game and interact with other players and, most importantly, the Dealer. These people are trained experts, so you’ll usually learn valuable lessons about whatever it is you’re playing. Your strategy has the potential to improve dramatically.

The Downside

Live casino games happen in real time and can’t be paused, so they’re not really appropriate when you are trying to get your game time in by snatching moments here and there throughout your day. Live games also take longer to play because the Dealer needs to actually spin the Roulette wheel and wait for it to stop, gather up, shuffle and deal the cards or do whatever else is required between successive rounds of a game. In addition, you may find that the game you want is not offered in a live format at the casino of your choice, or that a live version doesn’t exist at all. It’s also possible that you will not be able to play when you want to with Live Dealer games, either because no tables are available or because the Dealers are not active when you have the time and inclination to enjoy a few rounds of your favourite games. In contrast, traditional casino games can be played at anytime, with no restrictions. Not all Live Dealer games can be played for free either, whereas most online casinos offer a demo or freeplay mode for all their non-live entertainment.

Best of Both Worlds

Live and non-live casino games are better in different situations, and playing either of them will increase your understanding of, and appreciation for both. Enjoy both types of games as part of a well-rounded online or mobile casino experience, choosing what works best in your current circumstances.