Bet365 Casino and Ukash Make the Times Track 200 List

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Lillie Mcguire
Posted on July 27, 2014 at 12:07pm

Two of the biggest names in online gambling – albeit for different reasons – have this year made the Times International Track 200 list. These two companies are Bet365 Casino and Ukash, the top online payment processor.

The Track 200 List

The Track 200 List acknowledges and scores the private companies in Britain with sales totalling over £25 million in order of the pace of their international growth over the previous two years. That might sound a little convoluted, but essentially it means that Bet365 Casino and Ukash are among the companies that have seen a lot of success over the past two years.

About Ukash

Ukash is and online payment method that has very strong links with the online gambling sector. Over the past two years it has seen average sales growth of 49.67% and was ranked at number 72 in the Times Track 200 list. The CEO of Ukash, David Hunter, released a statement confirming that the recognition would soon be followed by new market expansion into territories including Latin America and Africa. Reflecting on the expansion, he commented, “As we continue to develop and expand our global network we are not only creating a solution that is easily accessible, we are also giving the payment sector the ability to grow and reach new customers.” The ranking of Ukash within the Times Track 200 comes in the wake of huge reported increases in profit for the year, up 81% on the previous year. Revenues have also climbed and stand at £1.2 billion for the financial year 2013-2014.

About Bet365 Casino

Bet365 Casino is one of the biggest names in online gambling and is also home to Bingo, Poker and a popular sportsbook. Placing 90th in the Times Track 200 List, Bet365 Casino has seem unprecedented growth of 42.93%, proving that its increasing popularity translates into profitability for the company.

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Bet365 Casino and Ukash are two of the most successful companies in the gambling industry. You can find out more about using Ukash as a Casino payment method here and visit Bet365 Casino today for all of the latest and greatest Casino games.