Betfair Uses Google Glass for Sports Betting

Betfair google glass sports beetting

Lillie Mcguire
Posted on July 10, 2014 at 12:07pm

Popular online Casino and sports betting operator Betfair has announced that it will be launching an eyewear product using Google Glass to bring sports betting right before your very eyes! The new Betfair glasses will be made available over the next few months so it won’t be long until we can get our hands on a pair – and we can’t wait! This is just one of several ways in which Betfair is making mobile gambling even more mobile than ever before, as the gambling company is releasing a number of wearable products to make it easier to place your bets.

How Will Google Glass Improve Sports Betting?

Google Glass hasn’t been around for very long and, in many scenarios, tech designers are failing to find innovative uses for the product. Now, however, Betfair is releasing a product that will work with Google Glass to provide an optimised mobile gambling platform like you’ve never seen before. Betfair Director Alex Deacon explained, “We have optimised our mobile web sports book to work on Google Glass and will launch it soon when we’re completely happy with it.” He continued, describing the product as “a nice, slick device through which we can start sticking information up for Glassware-using customers – betting information, goal alerts, promos, market movers and so on.”

When Will Betfair Launch Its Eyewear Platform?

Betfair showed off its new eyewear during the Betfair TV Show At The Races, allowing viewers to see just how the real-time feed will appear to the user. Betfair is soft-launching the product now for a trial run which, if it works, will be rolled out across all of Betfairs products, including its Casino products and Slots.

Betfair Online Casino and Sports Betting

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