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Lillie Mcguire
Posted on February 27, 2013 at 12:02pm

For many years, brick and mortar gambling-wager firms colloquially known as bet shops have occupied street corner locations in large cities and small towns throughout the United Kingdom accepting wagers on everything from sporting events to political election results and future current events such as the upcoming Royal birth.

In U.S., states where gambling is permitted, some casinos have special areas often referred to as sportsbook bars set aside where wagers involving athletic events are accepted in person or by phone within a specified jurisdiction. This concept of bet shops and sportsbook bars is relatively new in Canada because all betting venues must be sanctioned by individual or provincial-group governing bodies.

Currently, bet tickets may only be purchased at lottery centers or from approved online sites. While online transaction activity requires ID and account verification, physical locations may conduct transactions anonymously once proof of legal age has been confirmed. British Columbia wagering activities are overseen by Sports Action. Participants must select an event category such as hockey, football, basketball, baseball, soccer or golf. Gamers must select from two to six events, select an outcome option (visitor win, home win, tie) and place a wager of $2 to $100.

Prize value is determined by odds calculation. Special rules relative to what is deemed as a tie result have been formulated by the Canadian Gaming Association. Although originally aimed at North American pro sports leagues, Sports Action now offers wagering on premiere league and college sports. Pari Sportif is the group in charge of betting activities in Quebec. Many Canadians favor this betting venue because bets are only placed on team victory.

There is less overall risk involved in a team win/lose wager as opposed bets being affected by final score prediction or winning points differentiation. Oversight of gambling activity in Ontario and the Eastern provinces is conducted by Pro Line where fixed odds, are allowed to be determined by the bookmaker based on a system using probability on all possible scores, personal views and personal knowledge.

Bet exchange venturing, an all or nothing bet, is permitted on horse races and sporting events. Lay-bet wagers, the prediction that something will or will not happen, are accepted for political elections, governmental appointments and the future of current events of a social nature. Canada's Criminal Code has declared single-game event wagering to be an illegal activity in all lottery-style venues.

Although still in the constructional phase, Canada's first bet-shop-style lounge is nearing completion at Casino Windsor in Ontario. Under the auspices of the Ottawa Lottery Gaming Corporation, at the Legends Sports Lounge wagering options of point spread and over/under will be offered by odds-makers associated with the casino.

The gaming corporation's only requirement is that bets must be placed simultaneously on a minimum of three events. The lounge will be furnished with 36 video terminals which may be comfortably viewed from 170 seating locations.

Large-screen monitors will allow for the enjoyment of televised events while placing and/or monitoring wagers and partaking of stadium menu options from 4pm to 2am weekdays and from 11am to 2am weekends and on holidays.

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