Bitcoin.Casino Domain Bought For Record Sum

Bitcoin Casino Sale

Lillie Mcguire
Posted on March 07, 2017 at 12:03pm

The growth of Bitcoin casinos within the iGaming industry has been unwavering. Bitcoin is a convenient virtual currency and one of the safest payment methods on the web, and virtual online casinos offering Bitcoin as their main transactional method have grown very popular with players for a number of key reasons. Of course, this has drastically increased the value of Bitcoin domains, and record-breaking purchases are a good indicator of just how much this new casino style has grown. Demonstrating the increased value of Bitcoin casinos is a recent announcement from the Florida-based gambling group Casino Holdings Inc. Casino Holdings has recently announced that they have purchased the web domain Bitcoin.Casino for a record sum of $28,000. The purchase has now been finalised and completed.

Bitcoin Casinos Becoming Increasingly Popular

The sum of $28,000 is a relatively low amount for purchasing an online betting domain, but for the .Casino domain itself, it is certainly a new record. Bitcoin casinos are finding footholds across the globe, with many players enjoying the rapid transactions they offer. While most virtual payment methods take a few days to process, Bitcoin payments are generally much quicker and more reliable to boot. Another feature of Bitcoin casinos that has been consistently attracting players is the lack of fees attached. Bitcoin itself does not charge any fees for users of its service, but gaming providers who offer the method may charge a small administration fee.

There are numerous beneficial features on offer for users of the modern cryptocurrency, but the lack of fees is no doubt one of the largest draw cards as it leaves players with more money for real money casino games instead.

Bitcoin Value Continues To Increase As Casinos Flourish

Bitcoin itself has also had some positive developments lately. The virtual cryptocurrency recently hit an all-time value high, setting a new record for itself. At the time of the last press release regarding the currency, the value sat at $1,186. Analysts have since revealed a prospective value of around $2,000 per Bitcoin.

Currently, the all-time record of value for an online casino domain is that of sold back in 2003 for a whopping sum of $5.5million, and the domain later sold for an impressive price of $2.5 million in late 2011.