Bitcoin iGaming Conference Demystifies Currency


Lillie Mcguire
Posted on November 18, 2014 at 12:11pm

Bitcoins are slowly becoming a larger part of the financial transactions made in the iGaming industry and a new conference this month – the Bitcoin iGaming Conference – will attempt to explain the future of the digital currency.

How Bitcoin can Integrate with iGaming Industry

The Bitcoin iGaming Conference will take place on November 24th in London and will hope to explain and demystify the benefits of further integration between the cryptocurrency and the iGaming industry. The main aim of the Bitcoin iGaming conference is to streamline the payment process using Bitcoin in the iGaming industry. The event has invited guests and visionaries who work with Bitcoin and various other cryptocurrencies who will hopefully be able to inform those who are unclear on the benefits of these types of financial transactions.

The ‘Trust’ Issue

One of the key problems critics have with Bitcoins is that of trust. Using a digital currency means that you need to spend real money to purchase the digital currency for betting activities or iGaming. The conference will address this issue along with scandals that have already occurred, including with the activities of Silk Road and the arrest of several Bitcoin operators. By exposing why these issues occurred and how to protect users against risk in the future hopefully more iGaming operators will become confident in using the crypocurrency.

Bitcoin Experts

Some of the speakers at the conference will include:

  • Bitcoin pioneer Charlie Shrem
  • Clobal Coin FX CEO Christian Papathanariou
  • Indirect Tax Lawyer Estevan Von Goor
  • Gaming Counsel PC Stuart Hoegner

And many more industry experts. As well as addressing and making transparent the issues that have occurred with Bitcoin to date, the experts will also be keen to outline the advantages of the digital currency. To find out more about Bitcoin, you can check out our online guide here or read up on other online Casino payment methods.

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