Calvin Ayre Strikes Plea Deal With US Government

Calvin Ayre

Lillie Mcguire
Posted on July 31, 2017 at 12:07pm

Calvin Ayre is one of the online gambling scene’s most renowned competitors - but recently, things have been looking dire for the gaming mogul and founder of online sportsbook platform – Bodog. Now Ayre has struck a deal with the United States government to reclaim his reputation, with all charges against him now dropped in exchange for the entrepreneur pleading guilty to a single charge of misdemeanour and paying a significant fine. This plea deal between Ayre and the American government has seen the businessman plead guilty to one count of acting as an accessory to a crime after the fact. In exchange for this, the government has dropped all of the felony charges they had previously levied against him back in 2011, which included counts of illegal gambling, conspiracy and money laundering.

Ayre Avoids 25 Years In Jail

The original charges could have resulted in a whopping 25 year sentence in a federal prison for the executive, but instead, he now faces a year of unsupervised probation and a fine of $500,000. In addition to this, Ayre has also had to pay an additional $100,000 fine to get back his Bodog domain name. Furthermore, the gambling mogul does not intend to contest the $66 million that the US government confiscated from Bodog’s payment processors at the time. The American government has been in hot pursuit of the gambling entrepreneur for years now, at one point even listing Ayre on the ICE Most Wanted List, which typically features drug tycoons, murderers, and other hardcore criminals.

iGaming Tycoon Plans To Focus On Roles As Tech Analyst & Investor

Ayre is a citizen of Canada, residing in Vancouver and Antigua, the city in which Bodog is licensed. He currently assists in operating his website,, which offers punters betting analyses and news. Since the charges were formally dropped, Ayre has commented on the matter through his website mentioned above, saying that he does not see this settlement changing anything for him as he is pleased with his life the way it is at the present. The businessman went on, revealing that he plans to continue focusing on being one of the online gambling industry’s leading analysts, as well as a technology investor and a philanthropist. Most importantly, Ayre noted, he plans to continue enjoying his life to the fullest now that the charges against him are officially in the past.