Canada unprotected against Illegal Gambling

Lillie Mcguire
Posted on July 10, 2013 at 12:07pm

Illegal GamblingThe Canadian Senate has recessed on Bill C290 - an Act to amend the Criminal Code for Sports Betting – despite the Bill having already been passed with the full support of the House of Commons. Followers of the website expressed their disappointment after the Canadian Gaming Association (CGA) announced the news that the Senate would not be dealing with the issues surrounding the bill before their summer recess.

Bill C290 is an amendment to the Criminal Code which removes section 207 (4) (b) of the Criminal Code defining “lottery schemes” and prohibits provinces’ wagering allowances on races, fights or single sports event and athletic contests. The aim of the amendment is to legalise single-event sports wagering which will provide economic benefits for Canadians and communities, as billions in revenue will remain in the country and out of the hands of offshore illegal gambling sites.

Bill Rutsey, CEO of the Canadian Gaming Association has said: “The Senate needs to make sure it isn’t standing in the way of a small change in law that combats organized crime and match fixing, creates jobs and new revenue and catches up with technology and what much of what the rest of the world is already doing. “What we are witnessing, unfortunately, is an unaccountable Senate that prefers to debate the morality of gaming and not the dangerous status quo that they are in no hurry to fix.

So while they waste time questioning whether or not people should gamble – a question that has been asked and answered decades ago – we watch more money leave the country, which means more Canadians are engaging in risky and unsafe behaviour. I remain shocked that the Senate doesn’t consider this an issue worth its attention.” Rutsey has confirmed that the C290NOW website will continue to display the loss of revenue being accumulated, with the aim of informing and protecting Canadians from criminal activities.

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