Canada’s Most Popular Apps

Favourite Apps in the CanadaIn today’s world, there are apps for almost anything. Whatever you want to do with your smartphone has probably been thought of, and made into a reality, already. From social media to work projects and everything in between, smartphones meet an ever-increasing pool of needs. It’s actually getting hard to imagine what life was like before we had smartphones at our disposal! Smartphones might be able to do just about anything that we require of them, and apps enhance their functionality in a new and innovative way.

Deciding which apps you want at any given time is a never-ending process, and you should review the situation regularly as new releases hit the market. You might want to try different apps that all do the same basic thing, update an app, or install something that is specific to a situation; such as the British underground app if you’re visiting London. You may need an app for a single occasion, or for use on an on going basis, or you may require one to fulfil a certain need. The beauty of apps is that they are easy to install, and just as easy to uninstall; so you can keep and discard them, as you prefer.

Top Apps at your Fingertips

Canadians tend to use their smartphones for functions, and there is a diverse range of apps that are popular in the country. Your fellow citizens enjoy streaming content on Netflix and YouTube, creating catalogues of their interests on Pinterest, messaging on WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, and creating work documents in Word. These apps are amongst those most often downloaded by Canadians, and tend to be a staple for users, rather than a fad or passing phase. When it comes to games, Pokémon Go is as popular as ever, despite the huge amount of bandwidth and battery power it’s proven to use.

Complex games like Mobile Strike can be enjoyed on your smartphone, and simple coffee break entertainments such as Candy Crush are also popular with Canadian players. Online casinos have been a hit in the country for years, and their app-based mobile counterparts, such as those available at popular sites like Casinoland have proven just as successful as their desktop-based offerings. Dating services like Tinder are a huge hit with Canadians looking for love, while Uber is also one of the most downloaded apps for both iOS and Android. Whether you want to find your perfect match or organise a ride to get to them, you can do so with the apps that you have at your fingertips.

Bitmoji, which allows you to personalise your emojis on whatever chat platform you are using, is also a favourite, as is SnapChat, an app that lets you add fun filters to photos and create short videos. Of course, Instagram is another favourite; as is Twitter and Facebook, because being seen, heard and having a strong online presence seems to be a necessity for both work and play.

Apps for Everything

If you feel like learning a new language, creating and managing wish lists, improving your fishing skills or literally anything else, one of the best places to look for help is at the app store that caters to your device! Start exploring your available options today and you’ll discover that there really is an app for everything. The most popular apps are a great place to start, and once you’ve discovered just how useful they can be, you’ll soon see why an app really can make your life easier, and more exciting!

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