Can you Crack the Code at Promos

Lillie Mcguire
Posted on March 19, 2015 at 12:03pm

Eyes on the prize, ladies and gents, this one’s a big one and you’ll need to concentrate to crack the code in this mystery-busting promotion., one of our absolute top-recommended online casinos, has done it again and delivered another cracking promotion – in fact, this is literally a code-cracking promotion.

Do you think you’ve got what it takes to cracking this enigma and get your hands on the lucrative rewards? Head over to today and prove your 007 skills with Crack the Code Promo. loves to have a bit of fun with its players.

Sometimes it offers random bonuses, just for being you; other times it likes to make you earn it. This month you’ll need to hit Personal Points Target in order to crack the code, unlock the safe and access your bonus. Your mission is strictly classified but we can tell you this: in order to build up your points total and reach your target, you simply need to play any of your favourite games at during the promotional period. Once you succeed in reaching your points target you’ll discover the hidden combination to crack open that safe.

Promotional Period

The promotion runs from 00:01 Monday 9 March 2015 – 23:59 Monday 6 April 2015 so be sure to get in there quickly to start racking up as many points as possible.

Welcome Bonus

If you’re new to then you’ll also be given access to another incredible bonus – your welcome package. This superb sum of up to CA$3,200 is available to all new players when you make your first deposit. What are you waiting for? Head to today!