One Spin On Cubis Online Slot Game Nets A Norway Player 180,000

Cubis slot winner

Lillie Mcguire
Posted on October 08, 2012 at 12:10pm

A player at EU Casino recently won a huge 180,000 jackpot on the Cubis slot game. And he did it in just one spin. A punter identified as Jonny E. from Norway was attracted to the popular EUcasino by the good things he had heard about the bonuses offered through this casino and the high quality of the games available there.

The Cubis slot game is a retro game that is basically a throwback to the popular puzzle. It also has the modern elements of unique and attractive 3-D technology and brightly colored cubes that attract a player's eye. The way this slot game is designed makes it very different looking from traditional slots where the reels appear in a line.

The game is actually an isometric game and tends to be especially noticeable to any player searching for a uniquely designed slot game to play. The game does feature multiple reels and it is important to remember that the grey cube is the wild symbol in the game. Players should be on the lookout for this grey cube since it can be substituted for any other color and can cause a winning combination for the player. The grey cubes are one primary thing to watch for. Another feature to watch for when playing Cubis is a variety of three types of bomb cubes.

If some of these cubes drop in, they can cause massive wins for players when they blow up. Cubis has been aptly described as a fun slot game and one that looks very different for those looking for a different type of slot game to play. When cubes are re-arranged in Cubis, players hope for the feature of cascading wins to take effect. Jonny E. said that the look is what attracted him to the Cubis game originally.

The fact that it looked so different. He liked the idea of a game that appeared to be slower and he liked that the rows in the game are not all able to be seen at once. He knew of the games fantastic potential for high wins and hoped that he would be one of the lucky ones. But he still seemed surprised when this exceptional stroke of good luck came his way.

The Cubis slot machine game is based on an original version that first appeared in arcades and quickly became very popular. Cryptologic was responsible for turning the fun and exciting Cubis game into a slot machine game. Aficionados of retro slot machine games are very glad that they did turn Cubis into a slot machine game.

EUcasino has become very popular with punters due to its outstanding reputation. The casino offers players a fantastic variety of games and excellent value for the money they spend in the online casino. Games are available in many languages and depositing and withdrawing funds is done easily due to great systems in place by the casino.