Difference between Fun vs Real Mode

fun mode vs real mode casinos

Lillie Mcguire
Posted on July 12, 2013 at 12:07pm

In online casinos, the odds are predetermined by a random number generator which is subject to scheduled auditory review. Initially, players are attracted to the 243 ways to win featured on free play games.

The goal of a no-deposit bonus incentive where a monetary deposit is posted to the player's account is designed to assist the player in gaining enough self-confidence to venture into real money games. At most online gambling sites, while no credit card or personal data is required for free play, the majority of these sites limit the number of free games before requiring the opening of an account and making a dposit to continue playing.

Since no linkage is allowed between free play and real money areas, players must either opt for real money or move on to a new site. At this point, the game operator knows that if the player is comfortable with the current website, the likelihood of continuing to play free will not last too long as the player will begin to calculate the amount of cash they could have possibly won if they had played for real money based on the credits they won during free play.

Game operators bank on the fact that even if the casino offers a deposit match, once the play through requirements have been met and the initial deposit has been played, even if a small amount has been won, players will be tempted to increase their wager in order win their initial deposit back.

Newbie incentives such as deposit rewards and refer a friend affiliation serve as a vehicle to maintain the player's interest and trust in their chosen casino site.

In the final analysis, the odds for free play and real money play are the same because both are governed by the same gaming industry regulations and must adhere to the same standards relative to fairness, honesty and payout in the form of real money or credits that can be used in future free play games.