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Online gambling lingo

If you’re new to the world of gambling it can often feel a bit overwhelming, particularly when it appears as though there is a whole new lexicon of Casino and betting terms to get your head around. It can be a struggle to even grasp the rules of a game when the language it’s explained in doesn’t appear to make sense to you. To make it easy, I’ve prepared a glossary of the most frequently used words in online gambling; whether you’re placing a bet or playing at a Casino, these simple explanations to some keys terminology will soon have you on your way to becoming a gambling mastermind. 

The Importance Of Knowing Casino Lingo

Knowing the various terms used in casino games and sports betting can mean the difference between a big win and walking away empty handed. Every game has its own lingo, and understanding whether you want to Hit or Stand in Blackjack, fold in Poker, or if a bet is even money is important. After all, you don’t want to select the wrong option and accidentally throw away a winning hand or miss out on great odds. You’ll find that some games have more terminology than others and that as you play you’ll get to know the language too. You can refer back to this glossary at any time, and before long, you’ll speak fluent casino!


(Sports Betting) A multiple bet that requires the punter places a single bet on the outcome of simultaneous games. In order for the bettor to win the bet, all of the chosen outcomes must occur.


(Online and Mobile Casino) The advantage is the statistical likelihood that the Casino will beat the players in any given game. This varies from game to game.


(Online Poker) A compulsory bet that all players must stake in order to play the game.


(Card games/Sports Betting) In online Casinos, the dealer in a Card game is often referred to as the Banker, as he or she is the person in charge of the bank. In Sports Betting, however, a Banker refers to the team/horse/athlete expected to win; a sure bet.


(Online and Mobile Casino) The total sum of money a player brings to the Casino to play with/the total amount the player is willing to gamble with.

Betting Limits:

(Casino/Sports Betting) These are the parameters within which wagers must be placed. For example, when playing at an online Slot, you will be allowed to place bets of certain coin denominations from a Minimum up to a Maximum Bet.

Bonus Game:

(Online and Mobile Slots) Bonus games are often referred to as a great feature of an online Slot. The Bonus Game is a special round within a Slot game that is often very different from the main part of the game and usually gives players the chance to win extra coins.


(Online Casino) This is a fancy name for the Dealer at a Table Game. Popular Table Games at online Casinos include Craps, Baccarat and Roulette. The term Croupier comes from the French meaning someone who supports the gambler; now, however, it of course refers to an employee of the Casino.

Daily Promotions:

(Online and Mobile Casino) Daily Promotions are benefits which a Casino will update daily to attract new players and provide perks for existing Casino members. These can include limited competitions, special bonuses and exclusive tournaments.


(Online and Mobile Casino) If you wish to play for real money at an online or mobile Casino then you will need to put some money into an account with the Casino. This is called making a deposit, and can usually be done using a variety of methods such as via Credit or Debit card, Webwallet, Bank Transfer or even by adding charges to your phone bill.

Double Down:

(Online and Mobile Blackjack) This term indicates that the house is allowing you to make a second bet on a dealt hand in Blackjack; after the additional bet you will receive one more card.

Even Money:

(Online Casino/Sports Betting) An even money bet gives odds of 1:1; this means that a CA$1 bet would return CA$2 if won (CA$1 stake plus CA$1 win).

Free Play Games

Free casino games offer players the chance to practice games they already know and to try out new ones they don’t with no risk to their own pockets. They offer the same gameplay as the real money betting-required versions do, so they offer a chance for you to familiarise yourself with the game’s requirements without having to wager a cent.

Free Spins:

(Online Slots) Free Spins are a free Bonus at an online or mobile Casino which don’t require players to wager any money. Free spins can be offered either as part of a Casino promotion or as a Bonus round within a Slot game.

House Edge:

(Online and Mobile Casino) This is the cut that the Casino expects to keep for itself as a percentage of each bet. To put it another way, the House Edge is the difference between the probability of an outcome (the true odds) and the odds offered to players by the Casino; it is the Casino’s inbuilt advantage.

House Rules

This term refers to a set of rules as outlined by a particular bookmaker or casino. It describes the Terms & Conditions you must abide by when betting and playing at the site.

Live Dealers:

(Online Casino) In order to recreate a more authentic Casino experience some online Casinos have implemented games in which there are real dealers, filmed live, dealing as if at a real-life Casino. Players can watch the dealer and talk to them via a live video stream, all from the comfort of their own home.


(Casino/Sports Betting) The Lobby refers to what is usually the homepage of an online Casino or Sports website. From the Lobby players can navigate to the section of the site that they are looking for, be that a particular game, the latest Casino headlines or the Bonuses and Promotions section.

Mobile Optimised:

(Mobile Casino) With mobile Casinos becoming increasingly popular you’ll often hear these words bandied about. Mobile Optimisation means that your favourite online Casino and all of its games have been adapted to make their performance on a mobile device as good as when played on a desktop computer.


(Online and Mobile Casino/Sports Betting) Simply put, the Odds inform players of the probability that a certain outcome will occur. The Odds will be given in the form of a percentage or ratio of the money that could be won to the bet place.


This casino term describes a slot feature. To win when playing online slots, you need to land winning combinations of specific symbols on the lines in the game. You get a cash payout for doing this, so these lines are called paylines!

Payout Percentage:

(Online and Mobile Casino) The Payout Percentage is the percentage of all money bet that is returned to players. For example, if the Payout Percentage at a particular online Casino is 97% then for every dollar bet, 97 cents is paid out in winnings. The Payout Percentage is much higher at online Casinos and mobile Casinos that at real-life Casinos as it is much cheaper to run an online Casino. With lower overhead costs, online Casinos don’t need to keep so much of each player’s money in order to make a good profit.

Progressive Jackpot:

(Online and Mobile Casino) A Progressive Jackpot is a feature mainly found on Slot games which offers an additional Jackpot prize to players. As its name suggest, the Progressive Jackpot is a pot of money which progressively grows larger and larger as more money is put into the game. The Jackpot is triggered when a player hits a very specific and difficult to achieve combination. As it is so difficult to win the Jackpot it understandably grows quite big before anyone wins it, meaning that it is possible for players to win life-changing sums of cash – sometimes as much as CA$1,000,000!

Table Games:

(Online and Mobile Casino) Table Games are computerised versions of any of the games you’d find played on a table at a real Casino, including Blackjack, Poker, Craps, Baccarat and Roulette. Table Games are either played against a dealer or against other players via the internet, and nowadays you will often find many variants, including the inclusion of a Liver Dealer. Table Games are very popular at online and mobile Casinos due to the intricate betting rules and the skill involved.

Wagering Contribution:

Wagering requirements are offered in the form of Multipliers like 5X, 10X, and 20X, and work in collaboration with free spins and other bonuses. The number indicates how many times you need to play the amount given with the bonus before you can withdraw any winnings. If, for example, you’re given a CA$50 bonus and the wagering contribution is set at 5X, you’ll need to bet CA$250 on eligible games before you access your winnings.

Weekly Promotions:

(Casino/Sports Betting) Weekly promos are often offered by Casinos and Sports Betting sites to add an extra element of excitement and to give players a bit of extra cash to splash. They are useful in keeping existing players happy and include such special offers as: prize draws, free tournament entry, giant Jackpots and deposit match Bonuses.

Gambling Made Simple

This list of casino lingo isn’t exhaustive, but it certainly covers all the basics to get you started! You can refer to it at any time and use it to try out new games or place different bets. Understanding casino lingo is sure to enhance your gambling experience and it certainly increases your chances of landing a big win. When you’re familiar with popular terms you can place bets with confidence, and you never have to waste a second wondering if you’ve made the right move. When you speak casino fluently, a whole world of winning awaits!

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