Google Changes Tune On Gambling Ad Ban

Google Changes Tune On Gambling Ad Ban

Lillie Mcguire
Posted on October 21, 2019 at 1:10am

After putting very strict rules in place about gambling adverts, essentially banning them from the platform, Google has decided to relax certain areas of their rules. The current rules have been in place for a few years thanks to the massive rise in online gambling. However, Google has seen fit to start relaxing them and is starting with a few states across the USA. These states are Montana, Iowa, Rhode Island, Indiana, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Nevada and New Jersey.

The changes to the rules are quite particular and only apply to sports betting advertising in those specific states. In order to trial the changes to their advertising policies, Google has rolled out a beta programme in three of the chosen states. These states are West Virginia, Nevada and New Jersey. This programme was rolled out back in June after the Supreme Court ruled in favour of legal wagering on sporting events.

Serious Limits Applied To Changes

Google may be relaxing their rules, but this doesn’t mean that it’s become a free-for-all on the platform when it comes to advertising gambling. As already mentioned, the focus is on sports betting advertising and operators are not allowed to include any other form of gambling in their adverts. Google specifically mentions no casino games are to be advertised at all.

When rolling out the changes, Google was also very clear to specify how this new type of adverts can be sent out. Operators must have a licence for the specific region that they are advertising to. In addition, they must ensure that their adverts are properly targeted so that no one outside of the region sees the adverts, and more specifically that no one underage sees them.

Google has also been restrictive as to where these sports betting adverts can be placed. No operator will be allowed to use the Google Ads Manager. However, they can display ads on other parts of the platform. These include YouTube, the Google Display Network, Admob and in Google Ads.

Worldwide Rollout

These updates to their gambling advertising policies aren’t just happening for the US. The pilot programme has been run in certain US states, but now the new rules will also apply to various other countries, including Kenya, Colombia and Nigeria. This comes even though countries like Kenya have actually tried to impose stricter regulations on gambling advertising in their region. Specifically, the Kenyan government has tried to ban the advertising of any kind of gambling on social media all together, but only time will tell how this will affect Google and the changes they are making.

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