How to Behave at the Blackjack Table

Online Blackjack

Lillie Mcguire
Posted on June 26, 2015 at 12:06pm

Unless you’re so out of line that they have to call security, a casino is probably not going to risk losing customers over minor etiquette infractions. Because of this, you may not think that it’s important to learn how to behave at the blackjack table. If you learn a few basic rules, however, you can make the game more fun for yourself as well as other players. So, brush up on your etiquette skills, bring some class to the table and make it a great gaming experience for everyone. Here are five tips on how to become the kind of blackjack player all casinos could use more of.

1. Be Gracious

Whether you’re winning or losing, it pays to take the cards as they come. Remember, the dealer isn’t trying to cheat you. If anything, he wants you to win because that bodes well for his tip. Limit your cursing, be a good winner and remind yourself that’s it’s just a game.

2. Pace Yourself

Don’t be afraid to play blackjack if you don’t have a full grasp of the game. Dealers are used to coddling beginners. That said, try not to refer back to your strategy card every time it’s your turn to take action. Other players want to move the game along, so don’t stretch your turn beyond the limits of good taste. Try playing blackjack online to familiarize yourself with the game before hitting the casino.

3. Keep your Advice to Yourself

This applies to most casino games but there is something about blackjack that attracts know-it-alls. No matter how well-intended or useful your advice may be, other players don’t want to hear it. Besides, if they do take it and lose, there will be bad feelings, so keep your wisdom to yourself.

4. Don’t Touch the Bet

Some people may find this a hard habit to break but it’s the quickest way to attract unwanted attention from security. Once you’ve placed your bet, keep your hands away from the chips.

5. Order your Chips Properly

When placing a bet, chips are stacked with the smallest denomination on top. If you put a more valuable chip on top, most dealers will put them in order for you, thus slowing down the game.

This policy is in place to stop cheaters from adding a high value chip to their wager after the hand is finished, so avoid suspicion by stacking properly. JackpotCity Casino Welcome Bonus Why not try your luck at online blackjack? Visit JackpotCity Casino today and get a welcome bonus worth up to CA$1600.